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FrayedBear 9 Jan 15
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Geckos are great for keeping the cockroaches away.

I actually hate flyscreens. So a few cobwebs are welcome.


Daddy Long-legs yes, Red-backs, White Tails, Sydney Funnel Webs, Huntsmans, Wolf Spiders, big ugly hairy ones are a definite NO.
I have my own environmentally friendly in-door and outdoors Creepy-Crawly eradicators thank you, Gecko lizards, they do a marvelous job and are quite fun to watch as they catch their meals as well.
Population was at last quick count approx. 20 but given their aptitude for breeding, I'd guess there'll be more than that next season as well.

Triphid Level 9 Jan 15, 2021

What else do you do with spiders?

Budgie Level 7 Jan 15, 2021

Smack them with your welly -thong in your case. I did see a spider catcher recently for removing them from the premises.

Any spiders with exception of Daddy Long-legs, convert them to religion by dropping the bible on to them from a height of about 1 metre because the bible is 100% ACCURATE at that height....LOL.

@FrayedBear Aw, leave the Daddy Long-legs alone, they're harmless UNLESS you're a bug that is.

At my work place when the students find a spider in the toilets they come and get me to remove it and all of them listen as I talk to the spider telling it that I don't want to harm it but it is scary the big monsters and they need it to relocate. I get it on a broom and then take it outside.


Spiders are our friends, although I love creepy things and their service.

Depends on how deadly they are

You would NOT like either our Red-back Spiders or the Sydney Funnel Webs, they ARE very nasty, venomous little buggers, they bite first and ask questions later.

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