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A friend in the UK posted this one today... I bet we've all seen things in the wood?

RavenCT 9 Mar 29
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I so see an emu

Budgie Level 7 Apr 10, 2020

Being a woodworker I get to see all kinds of things in the patterns of wood. The most interesting wood patterns I have seen lately are like the ones I am including. I do not see anything recognizable, but mother nature does some interesting things.

I should have said what these are. The first is a piece of Zirocote veneer, black, brown and light wood colors, the veining looks to be random as I have not seen that it follows the grain or figure of the actual structure of the wood, the next is quilted maple, the colors are as seen, a lot of chatoyance.


At least it's not the Virgin Mary.


It's actually so common that it has a name. Pareidolia.


Kynlei Level 8 Mar 29, 2020

Ostrich, obviously. Please do not eat it.

Thought so , too .

@Cast1es Might be an Emu, don't really know as I have never been close to one.

@dalefvictor I'll go with emu. I've been close to a couple.

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