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I’m interested in writing about a completely equal society. What are your thoughts on the femme fatale? Can she exist in a completely equal society without being over sexualized? I think currently we’re seeing that smart, intelligent women are sexy. How does that play in an equal society? Would women still trend towards a communal society as we see in chimpanzees? Would men stop being the aggressor as we see in apes? (Think Jane Goodalls remark about Trump’s behavior similar to male apes puffing up their chests and throwing feces at each other?) Are we evolving from these stereotypical gender roles? Could I still write a novel exhibiting feminism in a positive light while exhibiting that in this world of equality women can abuse men? Rape them? Serial killers? Do you think society today would accept this?

What about a Male Fatale?

Feedback and comments are welcomed.

(These are just odd thoughts that pop into my head and I needed to get them written down for possible future usage. Does that make sense?)

PinkPassion 5 July 8
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It could be an interesting book. I've never known the existence of total equality (esp in the workplace) and suspect boredom would result. In the name of equality, we're already trying to replace culturals and interbreeding our races. Nothing seems sacred anymore. If we continue the blend, one day, homo sapiens will all be the same. Same color, same dialect, same celebrations, etc. People born into that period will not know what life had been about.

westvir Level 4 July 9, 2018

Society is no longer moving at the slow pace of the past. Globalism isn't a strange concept any more. Sacred as in what's important to a culture or to a family. (I even see the loss in my own family.) I believe in equality but not for the sake of sameness. It's a double-sided issue. On the one hand, there's the joy from not being denied; on the other, there is lost of what is or was. Equality is needed in many areas; but again, not just because it brings sameness and/or a loss of identity.


Are they human? If they are, true equality will never exist I'm afraid; biologically it's impossible 😟 I was gutted when I made this realisation.


Equal society cannot exist without totalitarianism. And in totalitarianism the rulers and their police are no longer equal to others. It is self-contradictory.

norealgod Level 6 July 8, 2018

I meant equal as in same pay, women are hired more at jobs so there are equal opportunities for women as well as for different races. When hiring somebody they don’t see a female or a male, just someone who can get the job done.

@PinkPassion Even this is a pipe dream. No 2 people are exactly the same


Lincoln55 r raised an interesting point I had just started thinking about after my initial comment. What's the purpose of feminism in an equal society?


I think your strong female characters can and should still be sexy as sex is a part of life. As long as seduction isn't their weapon of choice I don't see why that couldn't work


I think you are on to something here!
And present the occasional misogynist as the aberration?! State funded therapy available?, controversy over housing close to potential victims? Maybe difficulty of a person on a misogynist list getting employment? Or credit?I can see lots of really good twists here !! Keep us updated! Please!

Edgeward Level 6 July 8, 2018

I should’ve clarified. I meant a society where women received equal pay, were in just as many job positions as men, have male maternity leave, stay at home dads etc.


I have been trying to write a scifi novel. I find the more I get into the characters the more they change. I allow this as I want to see where it ends up. All ideas are welcome. Eventually I find that the characters kind of pick through the options and come to be more interesting. Hope this works out. Writing is not my day job and so far I am not published, but I am not really in a hurry, I am more into the development of the story. Is this close to the experiences you are having?

I picked scifi as the characters have more freedom to develop any way they want to go. Thus mem can be fatale. Women don't have to be sexy to be fabulous. Editing this as spell check is changing it.

Yeah. I just rattle around the old “what if’s?” I know it doesn’t mean it will work but I start thinking and free writing about a “what if.” I agree with you.

@dalefvictor I agree. I’m not into a Sci-fi but I can see how this topic would fit that world and probably belongs in that genre.
And I agree that women don’t have to be sexy to be fabulous. I thought of Lolita last night and that’s a character I’d like to stay away from.

@PinkPassion If you know where you do not want to go then go there. See what happens. I started out putting words on the page trying to develop characters, it took almost no time at all and the I realized it was a lot more fun to let the characters write their own story. Takes longer and the story changes but it is fun and kind of is less work.


Oh the definitions we need here. Damn those definitions. They snarl. They bite.

Define completely equal society. Bloody hell, define society in your context.

Define femme fatale/mâle fatale as it relates to your society.

Explain how one would exhibit feminism in a positive light in a completely equal society.

One can write about anything. That's the nice thing about having vocabulary and imagination, but what we have here is a cognitive dissonance bomb trying to pull immensely disparate ideas into a cohesive whole.

On the obverse side of this coin, it could be a bestseller because folks would want to read it just to see how the author made the leap without having the editor physically strangle the life out of him or her.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Thanks for that. When I get going my mind goes a million miles a minute and tend to be in a slightly manic mode. If you think that’s bad you should see what comes out of me when I’ve been drinking! But only sober thoughts now.

@PinkPassion -- I'm a good listener. Down a few pints, then let's talk.

@Lincoln55 -- I'll have to check with Admin to see what the policies are.


Men have already lost it, we are no longer what you call aggressors, what more do you want us to loose?

Humanlove Level 7 July 8, 2018

I want you to gain. I’d like a world where men can be either in high powered jobs or stay at home dads while their partner brings home the dough. I’ve thought of a similar question myself. I wouldn’t want to emasculate men but show that society puts a lot of pressure on men to be this testosterone filled male who never cries and brings home the bacon. There’s more to it than that.



Yes, it makes sense. I constantly write down random thoughts for that reason.

Wow. Some complex questions there. I think it all goes back to your world building. The setting is not the narrative - it simply sets the context. In my experience, when you have the context established in your head, the narrative becomes enabled.

Femme fatale? I love them. I love film noir. Male fatale? Why the hell not? Write it and see how it looks.

Abuse. Ah, a tricky one. Personally I don't think gender determines it. Sure, rape is mostly committed by men. But I had a girlfriend who had been in a lesbian relationship which got abusive. So, I go back to the narrative - if you have a good story, and you can draw on your context, you are well on your way.

Best wishes and I hope to see an update.

Thanks. This was great advice. I had just got done watching a tv program on Drew Peterson and The Night Staljer and was wondering why women don’t do these things. I assume it has to do with power and control for men and women seek power and control in other ways.

@PinkPassion Gosh, you are welcome!

Yes, rape is about power - man on woman. woman on man; same sex. It does not matter. It is an exercise in control over another person. In the worst possible way.

I'm pleased I could give you some useful thoughts.

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