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I realize that this is out of tune with this page but I need a little assistance. Can anyone identify the automobile in the picture? Make, Model or year? I am asking for a friend that is doing a research project at a California Museum.

Lincoln55 8 Sep 18
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It is a 1947 Chrysler New Yorker 2-door Sedan without a doubt, however it is missing part of the hood ornament, they were notorious for rusting off, and the owner has added a bull bar to the front.
I thought at first it was a Royal, but the square indicators are a give away on the Royal they were round.


That's a 1947 Chrysler Windsor Club Coupe.

I owned a 1947 Business Coupe that had a trunk large enough to set up housekeeping.

@evidentalist Right you are. Now she tells me the purpose of the search was to determine best approximate year for a photo and there is a car parked behind that is a few years newer . Any thoughts?

1955 Dodge Royal

@Lincoln55 -- Yeah. The car in the background is a 1952 Ford with mounted sun visor. The telltale here is the parking light with its three pronged star. I wouldn't want to guess at the model.

Edit: The model is the Customline. At fist I thought it might be the Victoria, but I shuffled through some pics and I'm reasonably sure of the ID.

@evidentialist 52 Ford Crestline Victoria. Thanks. Thats a double Bingo

@Lincoln55 -- Yep, that nailed it. Crestline Victoria for sure and certain.

@evidentialist I knew a guy in High School that had a Studebaker that was originally m,arkrted to salesmen. The seats folded down into a bed to save on Motel fees. he was a big hit at the drivein theater.


it appears to be a desoto.


genessa Level 8 Sep 18, 2018

that was my 3rd guess. But i did a Google Image search. I'm thinking Chrysler badge on the front 1946-49. But definitely Dodge, Desoto, Plymouth or Chrysler.

@Lincoln55 i know squat about cars but i asked my fb friends and got an immediate response, not an "i think" but a definite "desoto." i can't see the badge in this picture. i can tell you definitively NOT 1960s or later! but you knew that lol. it does have a '40s look.


@genessa Its a Chrysler. I got back three positive responses. @evidential posted a picture above. A couple of responses on Photo page. I appreciate the effort. She will too.

@Lincoln55 i'll tell my friend who was so sure it was a desoto lol