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Let’s End the Vote Challenge Game


It's going to take a ton of awareness for you Biden supporters to pull this off. Here's a reality check for you to follow to do it. I'm counting on you to do it so I can begin the process of exposing him, more so, as being no different than those before him. In other words. Trump take 2.

I highly suggest you add this site to your bookmarks and check back in with Palast to keep up with his updates to this election cycle and !check your registered status in your state! He presently has 7 states on his site in which it contains a list of those states who have people who have been purged off their state elections process. If you expect a ballot in the mail and are on this list, you will not be sent one. If you wait to long to find this out past the deadline to register when going to vote in person, you will be denied your vote.

State purging list presently available are: Georgia-Arizona-Colorado-Illinois-Indiana-Nebraska-Las Vegas Vegas and Reno. I highly suggest you don't rely only on these list. Check your status anyways. If you're on the list go register immediately and then contact Palast immediately using the link provided. The link to these list is next to the Home link. Hover you cursor pointer over Voter Purge List and a list of states will drop down. Click on your state.

{But here's the real serious things you must do. Number one: please check your registration. I just told you 16.7 million people have been purged from the voter rolls. Half of those at least will be stunned and shocked when they try to get a mail-in ballot and it never arrives. That's why you saw those giant lines in Atlanta and Milwaukee. I spoke with the head of the ACLU down in Georgia and they were saying every one of those lines were full of people saying we asked for a ballot, but we never got our ballot.}

{And when you do fill it out, for God's sake, don't skip a line. Be very careful. Follow the instructions to a T. And if you're in Alabama, you're going to have to get that thing notarized. If you're in Missouri, you're going to have to get that thing notarized. If you are in Wisconsin, once again, the Swing State of Swing States, and you’re a first time voter by mail, you better include a photocopy of your ID. And if it's that student ID, and you have the right one, you better also have proof that you are enrolled in good standing at your school. So don't flunk algebra or you lose your vote for president.}

{Palast: I figured that it will be close to 80 million ballots, which means we could lose 16 or 18 million ballots to challenges. That's the problem. It's not a secret ballot anymore, once you mail it in, and the problem is mass challenging.}

{And by the way, that stamp is no joke. Over 100,000 people lost their vote for postage due in 2016. Imagine what's coming up. And when you talk about having to do a notary, you're talking about a serious poll tax, but the U.S. Supreme Court, three weeks ago said Alabama can make you notarize your ballot. And there Doug Jones is fighting for his life for reelection, it’s a tight battle.}

{And in states like Georgia and Ohio and in several other states — and Georgia is a swing state this year, it’s now a white minority state, so it's a swing state — they're not going to mail your mail-in ballot if you are on the so-called inactive list, that is you skipped an election, you didn't vote in one or two elections. They're not going to send you that ballot. But you can get it still, under the federal law, by calling your county office and demanding it.

The state of Ohio in 2016 denied 1,039,000 Ohio residents — citizens who were on the voter rolls — denied them the card asking if you want to mail in ballot. This is the games that they're playing. How do you think Ohio switched from Obama to Trump? That was a key part of it, literally not sending ballots to people — a million ballots — mostly to low income people.}

{And the signature game… We’ve had over half a million ballots, and I'm not even counting the hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, but half a million other ballots have been rejected because someone says that signature doesn't match your signature from 10 years ago. I spoke to a court appointed signature expert who said these people are crazy. There's no illegal voters out there signing that stuff there. They're not experts. They're simply guys with Blackberrys who knew which ballots they want to challenge. It’s, oh, you left out your middle initial? You used to sign with your middle initial so obviously that's not you. It's a gotcha game.}

I could never do a mail in ballot. My F for my last name almost always appears slightly different from each time I write it. Same with my W. It's been so long since I registered I have no idea what my signature looks like now. Whether it went on file at the election board office or off my license at the BMV.

{Nader: And in Ohio it spelled the difference between Bush and Kerry. If Kerry had carried Ohio, he would have been president.ow do people who listen to you, who say yeah, I want to do this. Who do they contact?}

In that election Blackwell also moved voting machines from large metropolitan areas of predominantly black and lower class areas to upper middle class and wealthy areas where they weren't needed. This created large lines in those areas into the hundreds in which a majority of them closed the doors before everyone could vote. And in some areas they just shut and locked the doors before polling was over. We have 3 large metropolitan cities to this nature and several large cities that encountered this tactic. It is a widely used and growing tactic today.

William_Mary 8 Aug 9
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