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Happy 85th Birthday to Social Security—Crown Jewel of the New Deal

Just as enacting Social Security was a solution 85 years ago, expanding Social Security, while requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share, is a solution we should embrace today.

This major achievement on April 14, 1935 was not possible without a fight, write three authors, each of whom is descended from New Dealers. VIA-A statement on Consortium News who also posted this article.


I hesitate to post this for 2 reasons. First reason is that the article fails to cover the governments use of this funding within a shady background I personally consider untrustworthy. This is a factor that has been going on for decades. It has been a single budget entity that was once on its own, then combined with other government funding budgets since 1968. {Back in 1968, President Johnson made a change to the presentation of the federal budget, choosing to include Social Security and its trust funds. This created what was known then as the "unified budget." Prior to this, from its creation in 1935 through fiscal year 1968, Social Security was presented as a separate budget entity.} Then in 1983 Reagan had it taken back off budget. You be the judge to decide if you trust all quagmire changes and borrowing from !OUR! money. []

Did Obama basically admit that the funds have been used up? []

The second reason is a statement at the end of the article. {Joe Biden is running on expanding Social Security. Donald Trump is running to “terminate” its funding, which terminates the program. The choice in November could not be more consequential.}

First you have to consider that Biden has in the past had quite negative outlooks on this program for several years. Stating changes needed to be made that would lead to diminishing the program in various ways. Even so early as when the 2020 debates began. Now all of a sudden we are to believe he's running on expanding the program? To what nature? I sure as hell haven't heard him proposing any substantial ideas! Who was Obama's vice president for 8 years? If you didn't catch that article at the end of the first reason, please revisit the end of the first reason above.

William_Mary 8 Aug 15
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Does it reach 100?

I have my doubts. Supposedly good past that, but I don't trust our government. I'm fairly certain it will go the capitalist way and privatized. Then wiped out in a depression. I can surely vision that being done under Biden and then wiped out by the next republican. The 1-2 Johnstone punch effect coming soon. They can't manage this bubble much longer that's been basically building even as they claimed they saved the last one. They are already attempting to claim they have this one under control. One thing I know for sure is that they have no control, or anything under control. These people are like filthy rich children in a household with an open source piggy bank the parents throw their spare $1's $5' $10$ $20's $50's in each day.

I can see the American ruling class picking up and moving abroad as they toss us under the avalanche of debt they created. Quite possibly as soon as fall starts kicking in as this virus goes off the charts to get a head start from the revolution. Between the virus and how this election goes just might be the tipping point. Asia where their companies are would be a nice beautiful historic virus free zone for them soon. Europe is shaping up well now also. All they need to do is miss the hurricanes as they sail their yachts abroad.

@William_Mary I keep getting the feeling that they are going to invest in India as the next big market to replace America.

@Piece2YourPuzzle well we already do to a good degree. Our trade deals have been highly beneficial to them as they were to China. Every time GWB came out with a new reason to send people back to school, those particular job aspects soon left to India. Many of our calls for tech support now go there. About the only thing left is for them to change their currency.

{The economy of India is characterised as a developing market economy.[44][45] It is the world's fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity}

{In 2019, India's ten largest trading partners were USA, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Iraq, Singapore, Germany, South Korea and Switzerland.}

{Since the start of the 21st century, annual average GDP growth has been 6% to 7%,[45] and from 2014 to 2018, India was the world's fastest growing major economy, surpassing China.[49][50] Historically, India was the largest economy in the world for most of the two millennia from the 1st until 19th century.}

Like China they have a vast population to use as serfs. Like the US they have a large inequality problem.

{India has one of the world's highest number of billionaires and extreme income inequality.}

It's a capitalist gold mine to wealth worth investing in. They've been on top for centuries and everyone wants a piece of it. It's worse period of course was British rule. In which once the US established world power after WWII, the arms of the world power structure started reeling it in for it's benefits again on a globalization agenda.


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