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Did anyone else catch the Durbin show? It was a complete erasure of 8 years of the Obama administration when it comes to compliance within lack of action on the judicial front and welfare for the ruling class. Good ole Dick also just dicked everyone into thinking he's never taken dark money from groups and the ruling class and their corporations.

This is how they use truth against you. It's constructive conditioning that's been used by the ruling class and powerful politicians for centuries. You might think because of technology they weren't that smart to long ago. But technology has only managed to help them condition more people who can make it to the polls.

Today the new theme has changed for the democrats, blame the wealthy. I'm seeing and hearing it everywhere this week. And many will fall for it just like they did when Obama used this fake narrative.

No I don't want 4 more years of Trump. I want a better sense of reality. We can't get that from either of these parties, ever.

William_Mary 8 Oct 13
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OK, so let's just stay at home this time and vote for nobody.

DenoPenno Level 9 Oct 15, 2020

When so many miss the point like this it's the only time they make any sense. Because the ending results are the same. The current system wins either way. You're not creating a means to change or stop the movement towards fascism or even far right, however you see it, while voting for democrats. The democratic party is the right we seen approximately 5 decades ago. A number of us in this group have managed to correlate the examples of each parties crimes and unethical practices as serving the same agenda to which each of their supporters fail to recognize due to conditioned tribal partisan and the unreasoning allegiance that goes with it.

In your case you have an installed conditioning via their perception management seemingly related to one core issue, healthcare. It's basically your own little rabbit hole. And you seemingly are willing to protect it at all cost for your benefit over everyone as a collective. Which will reverberate through time in the current arena as a negative for many today and more in the future as more are caught within a for profit system serving the ruling class where jobs without healthcare programs grow within lower wages. Which is already the current reasons healthcare cost keep rising out of reach for many. Compared to other countries, we are also paying for the healthcare of the rest of the world.

Biden has played a major roll in this failed system for nearly 50 years. The implications of you missing this fact will continue to touch many after you for your compliance. You take care of you though. I'll keep fighting for the collective in my way.

@William_Mary I fail to understand how you are fighting for the collective and how any of us are to be helped here. As a one Time Republican I do not go backwards in time to make claims for either parties members on actions to attempt to explain Trump and everything going on right now. I fail to see how the current system wins either way. If this is true let's all give up and become fascist. Why is this not an issue in the rest of the world? What is a proposed solution if this is inevitable?

@DenoPenno I can't possibly answer your questions any further than plainly becoming crassly, negatively, insulting. You plainly just don't seem to have the ability to comprehend analogies or be able to apply the correlations of analogies to any issues I and other members here have attempted to produce for open minded free thinking. I ran out of methods in my attempts to draw you into a sense of being able to get these messages through to you long ago. You are seemingly so far down the rabbit hole of conditioning you're no longer seeing any daylight at all. All you see and understand is seemingly locked into place like a gear frozen in time within 5 decades of rust that has been delivered through the period I/we use most to deliver our messages. One last time though.

{I fail to understand how you are fighting for the collective and how any of us are to be helped here.}

Here I offer a dissenting view of the 2 establishment national politics and the purposeful perpetual warring they control for the benefit of the corporate and ruling class while enriching themselves. I have and will continue to correlate that as a western society collaboration. Within this groups narrative that makes me a 1 man protester attempting to gather support from the members here to join me in delivering the message of this narrative. I have the means as a poster to share my post here in this group on other boards in this community to a broader collective I'm attempting to educate on this narrative, which I also share the groups link to draw them into membership. That's my way of fighting for the collective.

Helped? I can only lead people to better news sources while using them in my post which expose the crimes and unethical practices of the 2 party establishment politicians, the corporate and ruling class, as I often apply my own opinions and commentary while doing so. In which the evidence of time of nearly 5 decades now it can be shown that both of these parties have been following the same criminal and unethical practices and warring agendas in collaboration. I can fairly show each side during this period of time having committed the same crimes and unethical practices while engaged in war after war within an alliance of western societies. The country has been moving in the only direction their capitalist system allows it to move as nearly 5 decades of evidence and many warnings from outside the system by dissenting sources have attempted to expose for us. Help is right in front of you to recognize it. I can't possibly make you drink it. You have to pull yourself out of the rabbit hole by the roots within and get to the daylight before they throw the dirt back down over you. Many have lived in the rabbit hole, myself included, and many are actively working their way out as time passes. More people today are aware of what this group is about and have broken free of the conditioning propaganda and perception management who desire a larger political arena to chose from. That which we are being suppressed from getting on purpose, leaving those who are still in the rabbit hole conditioned to thinking they can find change in a corrupt system.

{Why is this not an issue in the rest of the world?}

First off, most of the rest of the world has the benefit of more political parties to chose from. They have more of a socialized sense than the US. Socialism has been in the political arena in Europe, Latin America, and Asia playing a major roll for a long time. It still keeps enough power towards constructed policies that enhance their systems and governance. With that said though, fascism is again on the move throughout Europe and Latin America again also. Russia is also having problems with fascism. You obviously don't find some of my post to be of your interest to be educated on that aspect. And you're not going to find our MSCM willing to expose our population to much of this fact, being a large part of our problem with it can be tied to Ukraine and Germany. Especially in the case of Ukraine where the Obama administration under the direction of Biden and Victoria Nuland (US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs) along with an assortment of our representatives from both parties, overthrew a democratically elected government and installed a fascist government. In which a number of fascist from our country went to to train with their fascist army entity (Ukraine’s Azov Battalion). []
Again, obviously not a post in your interest to learn from being I just posted it 4 days ago which should give anyone a major reason to question whether Biden is a good choice for president if one were to have followed all the post correlated with this one on this issue. Help again is in your court to use or not use.

{As a one Time Republican I do not go backwards in time to make claims for either parties members on actions to attempt to explain Trump and everything going on right now.}

Quite frankly that speaks volumes as to why you remain in the rabbit hole. If you're not willing to explore and question the past and current actions of our representation you leave no room for anything other than ignorance. You miss the opportunity to relate how that aspect compares to what you view now. To think all knowledge is now and never changes you limit your ability to understand why you're stuck in now. It explains exactly why you can't comprehend what I and others here share on the forums as you're frozen in now time. It erases the ability of conjecture towards developing a substantial future decision within the political arena. This is a prime example of what all people willing to vote for the lesser evil is all about as they miss the reasoning from those us who attempt to expose Biden as an empty vessel of change and hope. Just as Obama was. What we face today we will continue to face when Biden is president in yet a growing compacity. Biden isn't being presented to us for change, he's being presented to us to quell the dissent until a new distraction is manufactured. Just as Trump was. The agenda was to move the country as far right as they could without all hell breaking out from the seams. During which they created a new level of growing poverty, lower waged jobs, and enriched the ruling class. As Biden is president the horrific damages will continue as we face a new Supreme Court Justice, who Biden happens to be on verbal record of seemingly approval, and all indications of future votes from this entity. Including our, your, beloved healthcare.

{I fail to see how the current system wins either way.}

Because you have refused to use this group and us in it to its/our full advantage. Because you have refused to open your mind to recognize the right questions to ask, or with any resemblance of actually using the provide material to base a substantial understanding to participate with us. I have witnessed a number of times where people have engaged with you, as I have, and you only display a sense of tunnel vision on issues as though you haven't actually read the material in question. Often injecting a subject that's off topic.

{OK, so let's just stay at home this time and vote for nobody.}

(If this is true let's all give up and become fascist.}

Your first reply was a single sentence of useless rhetoric. Which after all this time here you still haven't manage to understand the narrative of this group. I personally take that as an insult. My intent for this group has nothing to do with encouraging people to stay home and not voting. My intent is to unify us to vote smarter as a collective outside the 2 party establishment. As a collective we have the numbers in people that tend to be along issue lines in which we have the power to take control towards change. Ending criminal and unethical practices along perpetual warring are our essential agreements. All other issues can be ironed out along the way.

Then you end with another rhetoric line followed by----What is a proposed solution if this is inevitable? You seemingly, by your own words, don't like to look back, but here I go. Once upon a time there was this country called the United States of America. Its capitalist sense of governing and its ruling class took the country to the brink of a great depression. With the outcry of its citizenry, union labors, and various socialist groups (yes, there was a day when the US had a powerful social entity, much like Europe as I spoke of above) that dictated a wide social change in an economy structure. The president fearful of a revolution managed to persuade his ruling class hoard to mend their ways for a while to get the country back to a sense of civility and prosperity. We still have some resemblance of that period today thanks to unions and various brave souls who challenged our representatives from time to time. However, since the mid 50's this country has had a right religious group that was encouraged by the capitalist, again, to start beating the drums against the communist and what little the socialist nature the country had installed in the structured economy and life style. Slowly over time we arrive in 2020 after nearly 5 decades of expanding fascism where we find ourselves mirroring the same scenario. I do suggest we look towards our International Brotherhood of Socialist and support our National party here the Socialist Equality Party to stifle this fascist movement.

@William_Mary You can post whatever you like. After all that long distraction I suppose I am still in the rabbit hole but I do not see any rabbits. I suspect you use that term to show that I am hiding. If you feel I have insulted you, how am I supposed to feel? Yes, often my remarks are off topic for what the poster is actually trying to say.

@DenoPenno well once again I took a considerable amount of my time to, as respectfully as I could, decipher your comments and apply my views. In which I could have spent on my material. And once again you insult me with useless rhetoric lacking any substance to any aspect of an attempt in intellectual discussion addressing any of it. !Fuck off! I will no longer waste another moment on you.

@William_Mary OK. Consider that others who reply to your posts might also see this and know more on what I am trying to say. Your post replies may become less in the future, but goodbye. Have a nice life.


When humanity realises that global warming will kill everyone then the cry will go up "God loves America".

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