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Dust to Diamond: a Message for a World Full of Divisions, Inequalities and Hurt

We live in a time of global tribulation where humanity is being swallowed up by economic inequalities, a politics of resentment and a zeitgeist of separatism. Add on top of this a pandemic that has taken our sense of community—the one thing that mends broken spirits—and isolated us behind masks and social distancing, we are withdrawing into ourselves while clinging to our phones. Our abilities to connect in person being curbed by the fear of infections and the risks posed by a clandestine plague, we self-medicate by binging on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are staying connected virtually while we lose connections with friends, family and neighbors in reality.


{As much as I wanted to engage in combat and spit back the vitriol that was coming my way, I finally learned through hard knocks to not take the bait each time someone throws pebbles from the sideline—I just bated my breath and refused to act in kind.}

I've been getting a fair dose of this lately. There's always someone who wants to hate or negate me and or the agenda here. Always seemingly wanting to change the context of my comments and or the agenda while never taking the time to respectfully inform themselves of the group or learning about me before attacking. I learned some time ago to choose my fights, attempting to conduct them respectfully so not to be pulled into the useless rhetoric cycle we see so often.

William_Mary 8 Nov 27
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Posted by William_MaryI can pretty much apply this thought to just about everyone who has attempted to challenge my agenda here in this group, and my comments on social media in regards to our political arena.

Posted by William_MaryBy Apr.

Posted by William_MaryThe working class holds the strength to change the world for a better society for everyone. We just need to refuse to remain indoctrinated into their manufactured delusional reality.

Posted by William_MaryWhen the state is controlled by corporations and the ruling class.

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Posted by William_MaryI got a laugh out of this one. How ironic!

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