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Biden, the Emcee at the Billionaires’ Ball

The Lords of Capital use periods of crisis to devour the less-rich and reshape the political economy to their further advantage, so that the Joe Bidens of the world jump higher and come quicker when summoned.

The Orange Era of racist rants will soon be over – just a few hundred mad tweets to go till January 20th, when the head flunky for the real rulers of the USA will take over the levers of government. Joe Biden made only one campaign promise that counts -- to the only people that matter to corporate Democrats -- when he assured the party’s rich funders that “No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change” under his presidency. But even as he spoke, back in June, the greatest change in wealth and power relationships in U.S. history was in full roar, as the billionaire class feasted on the Covid economy. As detailed in a November 12 report by the Institute for Policy Studies and other leftish outfits, the combined wealth of the 647 U.S. billionaires increased by almost a trillion dollars, and 33 new billionaires were created, during the same period that 22 million Americans lost their jobs , many of which will not return when the virus has receded. The Pew Research Center found that “one-in-four adults have had trouble paying their bills since the coronavirus outbreak started, a third have dipped into savings or retirement accounts to make ends meet, and about one-in-six have borrowed money from friends or family or gotten food from a food bank.”


{The oligarchs are so obscenely rich, they bend all social and political institutions to their will. “Democracy” cannot possibly exist alongside oligarchy. It is, therefore, necessary that politicians like Biden pretend that the oligarchs are just regular folks, like the rest of us. “You know what I’ve found is rich people are just as patriotic as poor people. Not a joke. I mean, we may not want to demonize anybody who has made money,” Biden assured a group of 100 rich people in Manhattan.}

(The Republican “base,” although full of people in economic straits, demands only that white supremacy be championed.) It is the Democratic Party’s job to beat back popular demands for social and economic justice, because the peoples and classes that make these demands are Democrats.}

{For the next four years the Democrats, the bulk of the corporate media, and the national security state waged the most furious and dangerous campaign of demonization since Lincoln was elected in 1860. (Trump was correct in making that analogy but, like everything else from his mouth, it came out stupid.) It was a four-year, non-stop shock to the system, administered by the bulk of the ruling class and their media -- the biggest beneficiaries of the system. They risked delegitimizing the very institutions that have facilitated corporate governance, for the chance to rewrite the national narrative. From now on, the United States is on a permanent national security emergency footing, requiring censorship of social media, draconian punishment of protesters, and 24/7 witch hunts for Russians, Chinese, Venezuelans and their home-grown “dupes.” }

I can't highlight the importance of noticing the one dimensional aspect of narrative control enough that captures so many and engulfs them in a compliant participation as a history and entire factually of an issue is erased. Often when one issue is used against another issue to help manufacture a false narrative to fact to distract from real discovery. Wikileaks-Russiagate-DNC primary. Trump/Biden-Ukraine. Socialism-Venezuela. Russia-Syria-terrorist. China-and an assortment of manufactured narratives. Iran-Terrorism-enemy.

{War must be endless, to enforce the terms of the Race on as much of the planet as possible. Government social, health and income supports that allow workers to refuse “gig” and less-than-living wage work, spoil the Race.}

William_Mary 8 Nov 27
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Your point?

i think his point might be--we're all fcked.

@callmedubious I think those that are paying attention would agree with that. I was asking if the OP was suggesting anything or just ranting...

@JeffMurray it's seemingly obvious you went right past the groups Pinned pages for a chance to educate yourself of the group narrative structure. Then committed some of the very actions they attempt to eliminate. Sarcastic useless rhetoric we often see on social media. But hey, if you want to remain ignorant and disrespectful, they love that shit out there on the Politics page. Besides, if you're only here to find a nice girl it provides a larger opportunity. There's not a whole lot of girls from Ohio in this group. What few are don't participate or even visit much. I think I actually kind of chased one out of here from Youngstown not awfully long ago that just might be your type.

@William_Mary If you haven't noticed how this site works yet, posts show up in your feed without the pinned pages attached to them. I started reading your post from the feed and kept reading here trying to figure out if you had a point or were making a suggestion of what we can do, or if you were just aimlessly ranting. Appears it was the latter. The bio I wrote a long time ago when this was supposed to be a dating site doesn't really have anything to do with my question, but it's telling that you to try to use it as an ad hominem of sorts. You're a super cool.

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