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US coronavirus pandemic deaths heading towards 3,000 per day

Coronavirus deaths in the United States are expected to surpass 3,000 per day this month, with the spread of the virus completely out of control and cases rising rapidly in the aftermath of the Thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday marked a new high with 2,831 recorded deaths, raising the seven-day average to 1,658, while hospitalizations nationwide surged past 100,000.


Some things to come to terms with. China and practicably all of Asia, along with more socialist minded governments of Latin America and Cuba, have essentially eradicated the deadly effects of the virus several months ago. Outside of minor outbreaks which they quickly address and quell.

But here in the US and other westernized world!?! Speaking as an American though. Why isn't our media confronting the obvious? Better even yet, why aren't we?

Wednesday marked a new high with 2,831 recorded deaths

There are 1440 minutes in a day. I'll just leave that where it lays for you to come to terms with.

We lost another opportunity to unite and change the status quo nearly a year after this virus hit knowing the cold hard truths of the failures to confront it. The deceit that went into non informing of the public. The benefits the ruling class and their corporations are measuring in profits from this seemingly orchestrated chaos. A lot of lives will come to expire as we look towards 2024 for another chance. 😟 I can't by any means say I hope it's worth it. 😟

William_Mary 8 Dec 3
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People in 4 years will not understand that neither big party actually serves them. They mostly will vote just the same as they just did. The Doomsday clock is ticking and it will be ignored until people lose interest in games and TV's.

Your religion is strange to me.

@BitFlipper I do not understand that remark. My religion, if I have one, is that I hope that there is continued growth after death.But I believe in nothing.
I'm am sorry that my comment made you angry. I suppose if you truly believe one party is actually going to do things to better your country, then fair enough. I think that both big parties serve the same masters. I think that global warming denial is rather like Covid denial: it is a form of collective suicide.

@rogerbenham the last four years should have shown you that there are significant differences between the parties. Those differences may not be important to you, but they are real.

@BitFlipper William_Mary I think would disagree with you. The last 4 years have seen the creation of the Trump party with the Republicans following meekly. The Democrats rejected Warren and Sanders preferring a right of centre candidate.

@rogerbenham you have side-stepped my argument.


Is it politics or the egos of the citizens that are the problem?

From a point already stacked against the citizenry from the beginning, our rights and the Constitution have been incrementally eviscerated, our policies benefitting the ruling class and their corporations heavily at approximately a 80% to 20% ratio, the ratio nearly the same on judicial cases concerning various acts of pollution and personal injury, a wide range of aspects within social unrest and equality that are never genuinely addressed, I'll argue we have no real sense of politics. From the very beginning it has been about control. The term politics becomes a smoke screen within a false managed perception.

Ego=entitlement? Are you suggesting the citizens have been conditioned into a sense of entitlement? You then have to include nationalism and patriotism? We are above all other nations and people. Especially if you are a white person. I'll agree with you on a large degree.

But at the same time where people are realistically suppressed from a true sense of participation within the political arena, ego must be examined from the representative side also. Haven't they manufactured the tone/narrative in developing this harmful social construct? I will argue that Teodrose Fikremariam of The Ghion Journal has been probably the best at explaining and exposing this nature of humans within the political arena and how they use this human nature against us. While he and I have some slightly different opinions on it, I believe he correctly exposes our faults in this area.

I brought up the differentiating point of whiteness above with a purpose. On this forum I often speak of socialism in a realm of world unity while advocating the structure to become our means to change nationally. Marxism to be exact, to be reformed to todays current world structure and issues. Long story on that for another day. But even the white issue going on in the US today, since Obama, have found themselves travelling to, for an example, Ukraine for training within a sense of world brotherhood within the white race. I'll argue this is evidence on both fronts suggesting that nationalism is a taught construct towards deception on a citizenry. I openly challenge it while they deceptively speak it? Or they intend on betraying those abroad once in power?

So I'll argue it's neither about politics or egos. It's about a manufactured construct towards control where most of the world citizenry have been manipulated into a false reality. I'll also argue that we in the US are more deeply delusionalistic than in Europe or your country. I can clearly see that from watching world reactions on RT's news coverage to issues in other countries. American's have become near totally compliant to being oppressed and willing to watch unwavering even as our decline has exceeded more rapidly. Unwilling to even challenge the status quo within a new direction, they continuedly seek a solution in the same system that has been working against them exhaustedly now for nearly 5 decades. They can't even differentiate fact from fiction when someone separates it for them.

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