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Charges of Anti-Semitism & the Silencing of Dissent in Europe

When the Jewish “community” speaks with one voice because its other voices have been eliminated, you will not know it, writes Jonathan Cook. There will be no record of what was lost.

The same European leaders who a few years ago marched in Paris shouting “Je suis Charlie” — upholding the inalienable free speech rights of white Europeans to offend Muslims by insulting and ridiculing their Prophet — are now queuing up to outlaw free speech when it is directed against Israel, a state that refuses to end its belligerent occupation of Palestinian land. European leaders have repeatedly shown they are all too ready to crush the free speech of Palestinians, and those in solidarity with them, to avoid offending sections of the Jewish community.


{The situation reduces to this: European Muslims have no right to take offence at insults about a religion they identify with, but European Jews have every right to take offence at criticism of an aggressive Middle Eastern state they identify with. Seen another way, the perverse secular priorities of European mainstream culture now place the sanctity of a militarized state, Israel, above the sanctity of a religion with a billion followers.}

{Cultural associations, festivals, universities, Jewish research centers, political think-tanks, museums and libraries are being forced to scrutinize the past of those they wish to invite in case some minor transgression against Israel can be exploited by local Jewish organizations. That has created a toxic, politically paranoid atmosphere that inevitably kills trust and creativity.}

This again all boils down to the way information is created and delivered to us to manage a perception within narrative control. As dissenting voices and information have been creatively silenced in suppression and now often within false manufactured legal challenges on a growing scale with severe personal and social consequences.

{But the psychosis runs deeper still. Israel, and anything related to it, has become such a combustible subject – one that can ruin careers in an instant – that most political, academic and cultural figures in Germany now choose to avoid it entirely. Israel, as its supporters intended, is rapidly becoming untouchable.}

{Despite Germany’s horrific recent history of Jew hatred, the German government, local authorities, the media, universities and cultural institutions have been encouraged by figures like Klein and Schuster to hound German Jews, even Israeli Jews living and working in Germany, from the country’s public and cultural space.}

The same nature to that I have brought up on Trump and his supporters on occasion. I will argue you can find a degree of this within the whole of the DC realm and media. These entities produce a sense of contradiction and confusion within both hypocrisy and support at the same time. Right along in collaboration with the Israeli government producing the same delusional realm on its citizens. Essentially a 2 faced facade that should be viewed only as a distraction from reality. While Israel seemingly has a vast sense of control over the US in many aspects, together they are each merely cooperative arms within the power structure of the ruling class. If reality were to gain any sense of acknowledgment it would force the separation of these 2 fake facets.

{So repressive has the cultural and political atmosphere grown in Germany that there has been a small backlash among cultural leaders. Some have dared to publish a letter protesting against the role of Klein, the anti-Semitism commissioner. Haaretz reports:

The anti-Semitism czar, the letter charged, is working “in synergy with the Israeli government” in an effort “to discredit and silence opponents of Israel’s policies” and is abetting the “instrumentalization” that undermines the true struggle against anti-Semitism .}

This kind of correlates with my observances to activist and their groups who eventually end up allowing millionaires and corporations to influence their agendas with large donations. It manages to gain control and diminish their once genuine movement. Once this occurs, as with this issue, the media can become a manipulating tool with constructed propaganda handed down from public relation firms. As I read on Cook actually brings that thought to light....

{Earlier, Marc Wadsworth, a distinguished black anti-racism campaigner, found himself similarly suspended by Labour when he exposed the efforts of Ruth Smeeth, then a Labour MP and a former Jewish official in the Israel lobby group BICOM, to recruit the media to her campaign smearing political opponents on the left as anti-Semites.}

Her reward is being moved into an organization designed much like that of a public relations firm. It's quite disturbing people like us are becoming related to neo-nazi's 😟 They're managing to turn their own true nature onto us!

{Extraordinarily, as the Haaretz article clarifies, German officials are oppressing “bad Jews,” at the instigation of Jewish organizations, to prevent, as they see it, the re-emergence of the far-right and neo-Nazis.}

Mirrored here in the US.

William_Mary 8 Dec 16
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it's all about the money=power.


An interesting analogy to the trumpists. Also look at the recent Corbyn accusations resulting in him being suspended from the British Labour party.

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