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On my home page today ---- What's your overall view of the news media?

30%It depends
1%I don't know

I imagine most here know where my vote went.

13% favorable speaks loudly. Until you weigh in the amount of support for establishment during elections. Then I become totally confused. This one goes hand in hand with favorability of our representation numbers, which are approximately the same. I seen a poll on these numbers the other day and they were at 21%. But I've seen them in single digits at times also. It varies as the wording goes in the poll. But if there's this many people with unfavorable opinions of these 2 arenas you'd think we'd have a country more awake to self educate towards discovery, then join in dissent with the likes of us. What's holding them back?

1% I don't know. Which when you weigh in the amount of people that we know who don't apply critical thinking towards deciphering fact from fiction in the information they receive should be much higher. Seriously, most of us here who probably can tell the shit you're getting from MSCM TV or radio know fairly instantly when you're hearing bullshit the moment it comes from between someone's lips. Because we know it's recycled results from history that has never been addressed to be changed. Such as these current mass shootings. The last summers protest over the Floyd killing. False accusations of chemical weapons from Iraq and Syria, election interference from Russia, China, and Iran. Cuba and Venezuela sanctions based on false narratives which are related to the entire Latin American region.

30%It depends? On the brand that's pissing on you? The brand you're pissing our lives away in? I wish this many actually had to take a moment to think this one over as I did to decipher if it might be related to the difference between MSCM and independent journalism mostly used here. Unfortunately it's probably more geared towards left and right tribalism? Which would answer, what's holding them back.

William_Mary 8 Mar 27
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