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LINK What has been revealed in the trial of Derek Chauvin? - World Socialist Web Site

The article does talk about George Floyd's background at length, but it's the first one I've seen that also addresses Chauvin's.

What socio-economic conditions led to the development of a man who would ignore pleas to save someone’s life?

Chauvin’s father was a certified public accountant, and his mother was a housewife. At the age of seven, his parents divorced and were given joint custody of him. One can infer that Chauvin faced a difficult childhood, as he did not finish high school and instead later received a GED certificate.

Chauvin did not always want to be a police officer. He studied food preparation at Dakota County Technical College, taking classes such as “pantry food preparation” and “job seeking skills.” Later, he went on to work as a prep cook at McDonald’s and cooked ribs and chicken at a buffet restaurant. However, he soon followed a path thousands of youth have tried in order to escape the drudgery of working-class life. At 20 years old, he joined the United States Army Reserve in 1996.

During Chauvin’s developmental years, the United States invaded Iraq in the Persian Gulf War. The affair was heavily televised, with the media glorifying the technological might of the US military machine. Images of precision missiles hitting their target and fighter jets taking off from aircraft carriers were utilized to produce a “war drama.”

In 2001, Chauvin joined the Minneapolis Police Department, which saw fit to reward him for violent actions numerous times. In 2006, he received a medal of valor for shooting a suspect, who allegedly pointed a shotgun at officers. In 2008, he got another medal for breaking down a door and shooting a suspect, who had reached for his pistol in a domestic violence dispute.

Considering his time with the police and military, Chauvin’s development followed a particular logic. He was the direct product of a socio-economic order that cultivates the most barbarous characteristics in a person—American imperialism. Engaged in continuous wars for three decades, violence has been openly embraced by the United States. It has deployed its military across the world to maintain its hegemonic position. The bloody reign of police in the States serves to suppress domestic opposition to the prerogatives of the US ruling class.

altschmerz 9 Apr 10
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The last paragraph doesn't fit at all with the rest. Is it some kind of troll-farm dog whistle? What remains bizarre is the censoring of Chauvin's prior contact with Floyd as they worked the same bouncer job in different shifts. They knew each other well and something happened to motivate Chauvin to a daylight murder. Murdering someone he knew closely should be a major part of the trial.

What is really sad is that the cashier said he suspected Floyd didn't know the bill was fake, and thus didn't know he was committing a crime (a minor misdemeanor at that).

racocn8 Level 8 Apr 10, 2021

@altschmerz By all means, do enlighten me. What is this connection? It must be obvious and easily demonstrated for you to say so. Have at it.

@altschmerz I'm holding my breath. Holding... holding... pheeeeewwwwwww. Ok, I'll try again. HUPP....

@altschmerz The video was almost 100% non-sequitur. Can you provide a single example where military tactics or military weaponry were used to kill/murder/lynch a non-white, or to have motivated the murder? What motives may be ascribed to those who committed a lynching as a police officer and can you demonstrate their connection to militarism? No, the motives are clear and equally clearly unrelated to militarism/foreign policy. 2+2=4

@altschmerz People like this are the reason why things will never change. They're completely oblivious to the obvious.

I find it rather rude for you to insist on someone to provide information towards a theory that has been overwhelmingly suggested for at least 2 decades now, while only providing only a sense of useless rhetoric using a common phrase as a tactic found in all of our fake news sources that has been brainwashed into the public, used widely when one can't provide their own substantial information.

Quite frankly, it's really sad that you can see potentially everything in the article has a base of merit from your own statements yet chose to go on attack mode over one paragraph. Because it goes against your grain that the imperialism being spoke of doesn't quite register with you? If you can't understand, or don't have a belief in, of the correlation between what WSWS is attempting to bring to the understanding of the public, shouldn't you be the one enlightening us? You're already in denial mode and any amount of information altschmerz may provide to you, as you've displayed so far, seemingly isn't going to be good enough for you. Being you've seemingly have missed over 2 decades of this reality having already been exposed and highly detailed over that time period.

Seriously, it's ludicrous for you to even attempt to play that out as even having to be questioned. It actually speaks volumes towards how conditioned you might be. How many raids have happened over all the years in which military style weapons were used where innocent people have been killed? And you question for a single example? A black woman killed in bed in her home which was in the news for a number of weeks during last summers protest. A raid made on false pretenses. How does this escape your knowledge? As altschmerz mentioned, the correlation of colonialism over more than 100 years south of the US, 20 years in the middle east. If you can't piece together the correlations of these actions and ending results we've littered these countries with that resemble the current affairs here in the US, then you either don't want to face reality or support the system for what ever reason.


This is so sad, I saw where the cashier from the corner store said he wished he never called the cops, George Floyd would still be alive.

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