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Emergence of the global police state

Chris Hedges discusses the emergence of the global police state with Professor William I. Robinson. Robinson’s new book, The Global Police State, uses shocking data to reveal how far capitalism has become a system of repression. He argues the emerging megacities of the world are becoming the battlegrounds where the excluded and the oppressed face off against the global police state.

Riot contagion will become a multi-trillion dollar industry. In other words. A global effort to suppress social protest against the system with force is already a for profit agenda. Basically what this means is that as capitalism further runs out of means to produce profits and world citizens begin widespread protest against this failed system, the citizens will be turned into a profit commodity. Professor William I. Robinson also vindicates virtually the same disclosure about private military corporations that Peter Phillips spoke of with Abby Martin---Giants:Who Really Rule the World. That segment below. If you haven't viewed that discussion yet start from the beginning! Phillips also brings up the Dakota pipeline in that discussion.


2 of my favorites here. However, Professor Wolff takes much of the time explaining how we're being screwed.

American economic illusion

Chris Hedges discusses with the economist Richard Wolff the nearly $5 trillion being allocated by the Biden administration for Covid-19 relief and infrastructure projects.

There's already a narrative of a 4th relief bill being postured in the public view. Seemingly what is happening is an exacerbated growth of inequality with purpose. When you apply the information from these 3 discussions, I can't help but wonder if there's a purposeful agenda to get to the last video as quickly as possible. Which that video at the bottom I posted several months ago. 😟 we're turning the planet into a 3rd world like country 😟 Where 80% of the population is going to be living in poverty and within horrid conditions. Biden's job is to quell the masses, which he has managed to do so far. Will we just turn our eyes away from those about to be put out on the streets, like we've done to those before?


Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity - A Pentagon Video

William_Mary 8 Apr 11
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Mmm I’m too tired to watch this right now. But surely most people in this group are aware of the issues and how they are perpetuated. We try and be as informed as possible and make conscious efforts not to exploit or harm.
Education of others is the next step, but not all are receptive to making changes in their life, especially when it costs money.

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Posted by William_MaryThe working class holds the strength to change the world for a better society for everyone. We just need to refuse to remain indoctrinated into their manufactured delusional reality.

Posted by William_MaryWhen the state is controlled by corporations and the ruling class.

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Posted by William_MaryI got a laugh out of this one. How ironic!

Posted by William_MaryThere's a lot of ass covering going on in the MSCM today.

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