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Biden Administration Is Undermining the Venezuela Dialogue

The Venezuelan people deserve better than another administration sabotaging a dialogue and imposing more deadly sanctions


{He was detained by Cape Verde on a refueling stopover. He was headed to Iran to broker a trade deal that would bring fuel, food and medicine to Venezuela. Saab is one of the architects of Venezuela’s capacity for overcoming U.S. sanctions. The U.S. government wants him in order to destroy this capacity and make Venezuelans even more desperate.}

Biden has little to do with how Venezuela is being treated. Not that he has any empathy, which he doesn't, he's simply following the ruling class play book on their agenda for Venezuela. Venezuela is in possession of possibly the largest remaining oil and gold reserves on the planet. Along with various other minerals wanted for todays technologies. The fact that the world power structure prefers to work with terrorist of the likes of the Saudis over a genuine Marxist like structure to support all of their people rather than just the country's elite speaks volumes.

Canada was mining primarily gold from Venezuela and other minerals. The US was once a benefactor of their oil/gas in which Venezuela once ran programs for struggling families to get reduced energy cost in the US. Bush put an end to that as he quickly put Citgo stations down. Helping people in our society unlike our own companies and government will not be tolerated. Then they moved to killing sanctions on their people.

This is also correlated to my earlier post on the supposedly collapsing UK banks. I think it's safe to say Venezuela can clearly consider their 3 billion in gold there as never being released in any manor to support their country.

William_Mary 8 Oct 24
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