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Trump aides, House members helped plan January 6 attack on Congress

The “stunning series of allegations,” as Rolling Stone described it, has been met by a wall of silence in the corporate media, and a similar blackout from leading Democrats, including President Biden—whose election victory was the target of the January 6 attack—as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose offices were ransacked and staff terrorized by the fascist attackers.

Gosar in particular allegedly promised planners of the attack on Congress that Trump would issue a full pardon for anyone charged with a crime as a result of the events of January 6, a clear indication that both he and those he was speaking to were aware that what was coming was not a peaceful protest, but some form of criminal assault on the US Capitol.


{The two organizers identified long-time Trump aide Katrina Pierson, a participant in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, as the main go-between between the president’s inner circle and the groups preparing action in the streets. “Katrina was like our go-to girl,” one told Rolling Stone. “She was like our primary advocate.” Pierson was a speaker at the January 6 rally outside the White House.}

{“Meadows was 100 percent made aware of what was going on,” one activist told Rolling Stone. “He’s also like a regular figure in these really tiny groups of national organizers.”}

Who was who in Trump’s Willard Hotel “war room”?

The Willard Hotel cabal underlines the fact that the attack on January 6 was not, as Trump and most Republican officials claim, a “political protest” that got out of hand but rather the result of months of subversion headed up by Trump.

It must also be noted that the Willard “command center” was just one extension of the White House coup plot. A second “war room” was also established at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. Several people have been identified as having participated in both.


{That the White House was the nerve center of a political conspiracy to establish a dictatorship was known well before January 6. In a Perspective column in the October 1, 2020 edition of the WSWS, headlined “Trump’s Operation Dictatorship: What the debate exposed,” Joseph Kishore and David North spelled out Trump’s political strategy, involving the use of “fabricated allegations of ballot fraud to incite fascist thugs, assisted by police and unidentified federal agents.”}

Correct, again.

{Similarly, in an October 9, 2020 perspective column headlined, “The Michigan conspiracy, Trump, and the 2020 election,” Eric London wrote:

Trump’s plan for election day is no longer a matter of conjecture. In battleground states that support Biden, Trump will falsely proclaim himself the victim of election fraud, deploy violent groups to intimidate voters, seize statehouses and eliminate political opponents. Armed supporters will declare the vote invalid or compel state legislatures to certify pro-Trump slates of electors.}

William_Mary 8 Oct 26
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I am not surprised by any of this. trump universe is like an expanded version of the Godfather and the Sopranos, flavored with Christian "morality" righteousness and all rolled together.

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