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Cuba Defeats Covid-19 with Learning, Science, and Unity

Despite U.S. sanctions, Cuba has succeeded in treating covid and has developed five different vaccines that are widely accepted by its population.

Education is central to Cuba’s brand of socialism. The revolutionary government’s dedication to scientific knowledge and healthcare for all shows up now as Cubans cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. The United States is not so lucky.


{U.S. and Cuban assumptions regarding vaccination programs and other public health measures are different. Vaccine production in Cuba is a matter of the common good, pure and simple. In United States, government-subsidized manufacturers will be making huge profits – $18 billion for Moderna in 2021. U.S. government scientists and their pharmaceutical company counterparts collaborated in developing vaccines, but the companies now are claiming intellectual-property and patent rights for themselves.

Rejection of scientific facts and expert opinion is widespread in the United States. Myth-making leads to vaccine refusal. Political and cultural frictions frustrate consensus on mask-wearing and social distancing. The upshot is that the prevalence of Covid-19 infection in the United States is 14.9 per 100,000 persons; in Cuba it’s 8.5. The two countries’ Covid-19 mortality rates are, respectively, 240.18 and 73.31 per 100,000 persons}

{The message here is that a society coping with a major pandemic must draw upon reserves of unity and learning. Cuba’s recent experience shows that long attention paid to schooling and science is bearing fruit.}

{Fidel Castro on December 16, 1960 told a meeting of spelunkers (explorers of caves) that, “We teach about accidents of nature but we don’t teach about tremendous accidents of humanity.” Calling for the study of nature, he declared that, “The future of our country must necessarily be a future of men of science, it must be a future of men of thought.” He noted that “many of our people had no access to culture or science” and “only 5% of farm-worker children have reached the 5th grade.”}

{“Inequalities are now expanding in the world” he points out, “and we have to defend our achievements. We do that by connecting culture, scientific thought, and science with the economy so that social conquests can provide leverage for economic development.”}

William_Mary 8 Jan 6
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the fact that a tiny economy like Cuba's can produce better results in the treatment of Covid than the mighty US will, unfortuntately, just increase the efforts of the US warmongers to overthrow that govt.

Short of war, what more could they do?


It also helps when one is dealing with a relatively small island. From the onset this brand of communism put the environment, public health and science over people's lifestyles. To think their public health is much better and inclusive than the Yankee, democratic one to the north. I wonder if the lack of massive tourism and 'diversity' (immigration) also play a part.

I think it's unfair to diminish their success due to size rather than their social structure and strategic use of the very aspects you mentioned. Those are the very aspects of are what created their success. Despite the false narratives we get from western MSCM, the vast majority of their citizenship support their government for a reason. I'm fairly sure their lifestyle's are figured in with that support. I wonder if a lack of materialism indoctrination is a factor in that?

@William_Mary Living on a smallish island in a very liberal county I can see, first hand how size does matter. We have less 'diversity' and the sense of community is heightened. This would not be possible if the the area was larger. Even now, we are growing and things are starting to change for the worse.
Sure, most Cubans support their government, because many of those that didn't, left.

@JackPedigo your reply is rather contradictory. You recognize your own situation while failing to apply it to Cuba as though it couldn't have the same structure. Or, vice versa.

Does your situation have the constant flow of false negative propaganda being thrown at it from around the globe from colonialist governments and collaborate MSCMs to incite strife as Cuba does? Do you have the entities on your island in regards to Cuba who are funded by NGO's, think tanks, and intelligence agencies, who also, with the help of MSCM's, manufacture and organize protest and or riot like atmospheres to produce a false perception of Cuba's existence? DO you currently have sanctions placed on your island in attempts to magnify Cuba's issues?

One the other hand, while you're attempting to use size, seemingly to diminish Cuba's accomplishments, in comparison, your island is merely made up of a couple thousand households? A population of under 3000 people compared to over 11 million to boast about your structure. While you're merely 20? miles from the same insanity the rest of us deal with.

I think you've proven size has nothing to do with the reality. But how outside inference means everything. Thank you for your support.

If I had a third hand. You're currently undergoing housing issues. Here comes the outside issues. People want what you have. Eventually outside governments, (the feds) might have to step in. My suggestion. See Cuba. Feel Cuba. Understand Cuba. Now you're going to know Cuba. Lets hope the media works fairly for you?

@William_Mary The first para?

The basic point, which seems to have been missing, is that size and geography do matter. On that we will just have to agree to disagree, basta. Of course we have lots of outside influence and yes there are extreme conservatives here who try to push their own objectives. Had to laugh as years ago I was met with a comment that I should get out a bit. I am not from this place and only lived here a relatively short time. Was in the military (4 years-military intelligence), lived in Europe for 15 years (graduated in an American University there), was married to an Iranian woman, lived in various parts of the country, traveled over the world and have been actively engaged in many national, global environmental groups for over 26 years. People see where I am living and think they are talking to someone who lives in a bubble. In fact many residents are highly educated, professionals and we take pride in our knowledge of the world outside these islands.

BTW, we also have statewide and even national accomplishments despite or because of our size. I have posted some of the accomplishments. I would also suggest the importance of making comments/replies a little less personal. It might garner a more thoughtful discussion.


Cuba certainly has had it's problems but get the people to come together and deal with the virus is a lesson we here in the US could learn. Sadly human nature's propensity for greed and corruption has caused great damage.


Cuban is smarter than the US in crime, homeless and medicines. Just not alot of choices for stuff or junk.

Right. But then materialistic endeavors are relatively diminished in a socialist society. A primary lesson in Marxism is how materialistic ideology is a strategy of capitalism. The over abundance of material gathering enhances unnecessary destruction of our environment. Which diminishes the ability to sustain and rebuild as we take from it. Especially as monopolies are created under globalism as we have now.

Most people don't fully educate themselves to the works of Marx and Engels. The use and management of the earths resources are imperative to our survival. Which is why it's imperative to spread the abilities of worldwide production among the working class within beneficial means to preserve both employment and resources.

Most people can't fathom the ideology of the world working class working in unity because they're indoctrinated into tribal division within the demonization of other nations where their resources are targeted. Often socialist countries in which socialism must be demonized purposely also.

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