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I'm trying to get at least one post in this weekend after a medical issue I suffered this week that left me spending a night in the emergency ward and another in the hospital. It's not clear what actually happened to me other than I had more blood come out of my ass than I thought possible to be in me. But the hospital doctor insured me they've seen worse, and mine seems to think what occurred with me can seem like more than it is. All I know is that the third spell that came over me left me clinging on to consciousness with all my mental might as I collapsed in the hallway trying to get to the toilet. Me being carted out of my house in the middle of a snow storm essentially naked 😟

So I'm taking a break from the daily rhetoric bullshit and going with my preferred advocacy of political party affiliation within the anniversary of the WSWS launch 25 years ago. A publication I've highly advocated for here when it comes to correlating todays political events with history, scoring virtually the highest marks of conjecture towards future results with great accuracy supporting why we need to transform to a Marxist foundation of democratic socialism. Recycled capitalism can only work within its failures as we are seeing today. Democratic socialism in regards to the work of Marx offers us a world united means of regenerating innovation from the minds of all citizens over ruling class agendas built to serve only the richest few.

Unfortunately, many so called democratic socialist groups and organizations, like environmental and social activist groups and organizations exposed of falling into diminishing natures due to party affiliations and or taking money from corporate entities, go off path of the Marxist learnings within the same nature. The initial article basically explains the need to reform due to this nature as there's a break between ICFI and the Workers Revolutionary Party.

The fight for Trotskyism and the political foundations of the World Socialist Web Site

This year marks the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of the publication of the World Socialist Web Site. The launching of the WSWS on February 14, 1998 was preceded by an entire year of intensive discussion and preparation.

This discussion was initiated by a report delivered by David North on February 1, 1997 to the National Committee of the Socialist Equality Party (US). North proposed that the SEP and the sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) end the publication of their printed newspapers and establish a new, web-based publication that would serve as the voice of the ICFI.


{North motivated his proposal with an extensive review of the political lessons of the ICFI’s struggle against Stalinism and Pabloite opportunism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and breakdown of all the old reformist labor parties and trade union organizations, the rapid development of economic globalization, and the implications and potential of the Internet for the global class struggle and the building of the Fourth International as the World Party of Socialist Revolution.}

The Nature of Pabloite Opportunism ---- []

{Here we have a completely subjective explanation of the crisis of the trade unions. All the defeats of the working class, we are told, can be easily explained by the personal rottenness of the top officials of the AFL-CIO. This explanation, however, raises the following question: If all the defeats experienced since 1980 were merely products of the things done by bad people in the AFL-CIO, then must we not concede that the earlier successes of the trade unions, during the hey-day of the AFL-CIO, were achieved because it was led by good people, among whom we would then be obliged to include that pillar of Cold War red-baiting, George Meany. After all, is it not the case that the defeats of the AFL-CIO began only after his retirement and death in 1980?

There are many questions that Spartacist fails to address. Why did bad people take over from good people? Or why did people who had once been “good” suddenly become “bad”? Everything is reduced to the intentions of this or that individual bureaucrat. Such an approach represents the polar opposite of the Marxist method. Spartacist claims that Lenin’s Imperialism represents the last word in the analysis of capitalism, but it seems that they have not studied either that pamphlet or his other works on the subject of imperialism all too carefully. Among the central points made by Lenin was that the growth of opportunism in the Second International was based objectively on the development of imperialism.}

This is highly correlated to the Abby Martin discussion with Peter Phillips on his book (Giants---Who Really Rules the World) found throughout the group, as the transnational elite worked towards the globalization agenda for their capitalist benefit. These aspects of the agenda all go hand in hand towards a conglomerate monopolization of meticulously compounding various aspects of society against us.

{There are definite signs of a change in the political climate. This is indicated by a sudden increase in the number of articles and books highly critical of the unfettered operation of the capitalist market, a sort of neo-Keynesian, neo-New Deal critique of market capitalism. Much of it is devoted to scary scenarios of the revolutionary consequences of existing trends of development. We must be in a position to intervene in such discussions from the standpoint of developing a Marxist interpretation of the crisis and fighting against the influence of the bourgeois liberals, in collaboration with the trade union bureaucracy and the radicals, over the working class.

Our views must be widely known. They must be read. They must be followed. Tradition is a good thing, but there is a point at which it becomes a handicap on development. “The tradition of all the dead generations,” wrote Marx, “weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.” There is no question that the Web is going to be used by countless political organizations. On the right, to be sure, but also on the left. There will be all sorts of groups, even individuals, who lack the resources we presently have as an international movement, who cannot think of publishing a newspaper, and therefore are not bogged down by all the traditions associated with it. They will purchase a computer, set up a Web site, work very aggressively, and begin winning international contacts.}

{Marxism is a science. But there exists no set of formal instructions which can explain, in advance, the precise steps which must be followed in the building of a revolutionary party. Moreover, it is in the nature of the historical process that the past provides no exact guide to the future. One can draw lessons and inspiration from the traditions of the past. But the future will not take shape as a pale imitation of the past.}

{The development of the International Committee requires of its cadre a creative response to the specific problems of the present epoch. We yield to no one in our defense of the historic program upon which the Fourth International is grounded. But that program was itself continually enriched in an unrelenting struggle to create the organization through which the working class would finally establish socialism.}

In other words. As science often provides us with conditions of factual changes, so does the works of Marx. Social democracy will always face never ending parameters to equate. Trotski through the works of Marx exposes how important international unification is and exposes the failures of the capitalist globalization due to its unchallenged structure. If you no longer have a reliant government body or media representing the citizens, society as a whole loses without it participation. Reality and facts become manufactured, innovation is lost to supporting only those controlling the narrative.

{But it would be wrong, and even against the spirit of the Marxist method, to expect to find in the writings of Trotsky an answer to every practical problem which we confront. We must be bold and innovative in our practice. We must be prepared to take risks.}

Well, those who pay attention know I get ahead of the article at times 🙂

William_Mary 8 Feb 6
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Sorry to hear you ended up in hospital. Crohns? Hope you're feeling better.

Extremes of one side or the other never work well but in the U.S. the history of racism, or the thinking of racial issues adds another dimension. That other nations studied the U.S. approach is scary.

Currently weighing it as diverticulitis/losis possibly mixed with ruptured hemorrhoid's. I have an appointment tomorrow to go over it with my doctor and the scan they did at the ER. When you're thankful for a snow storm and they keep you home. If it would have happened while I was out driving or at a customer where I'm alone it's hard to know what would have become of it.

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