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Victoria Nuland in Colombia: Is Washington plotting another coup? ---- Nuland's newest assignment to orchestrate civil distress with the potential for more death.

Following high-level security talks held in Colombia last week, Washington’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, alleged that “foreign actors” are attempting to subvert that country’s upcoming elections. She vowed that the US military and intelligence apparatus would work with its Colombian counterparts to assure “a free and fair election here; a Colombian election for Colombians.”

“We must safeguard it against outside actors interested in manipulating elections, as they have tried to do in other parts of the world,” Nuland told reporters.


I would hope the regular visitors here know that name by now being I've highlighted it many times over the years. Yes, she's the very same person who played a major role in the current Ukraine issue for the Obama and Biden administration in 2014 as the then SOS of European Affairs. Orchestrating their illegal coup leading to death and destruction still going on today. She's seemingly been sent to manage another one with Russia again being set as the narrative enemy. With Iran and Venezuela being added to it for some additional flavor.

{Polls have placed Senator Gustavo Petro, a former member of the M-19 guerrilla movement, which traded the “armed struggle” for bourgeois politics, as the clear front-runner in the presidential race. Approval ratings for incumbent President Iván Duque, Washington’s closest ally in the region, and for his far-right party stand in the low teens.

Accompanied by Pentagon and US intelligence officials, Nuland was in Bogota for the US-Colombia High-Level Strategic Security Dialogue, a mechanism created in 2012 to better coordinate the actions of Colombia’s right-wing government with the counterrevolutionary operations of US imperialism in the Western hemisphere.}

Even though WSWS label Gustavo as bourgeois, it seems the US is worried he's to far left for their agendas. Potentially unwilling to follow world corporate desires and world banking operations that pillage and steal the country's resources and suppress the people in austerity measures?

So Nuland drags in with her the strong arms of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to "coordinate" the current puppet government. In other words. Reinforce their commitment and provide the means for some to be left behind to develop strategic positions if civil unrest become apparent. Wait for the signs of a rigged election to be exposed.

{In Colombia, however, Washington’s anti-Russia campaign has been greeted with open arms. It dovetails with the anti-Russian propaganda of the Duque government itself, which claimed implausibly that the mass strikes and protests that swept the country last spring had been fueled by Russian social media propaganda.}

In other words. It seems that the citizens desire for change from their imperialistic puppet governments oppression has outgrow the potential success of nightly paramilitary raids and daytime assassinations of various aspects of dissent. The murders of hundreds of journalist, activist, unionist, and dissenting voices were in vane.

{More recently, Duque’s Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, charged—without providing a shred of evidence—that the Venezuelan National Armed Forces (FAN) were being mobilized on Colombia’s border “with the support and technical assistance of Russia and Iran.”

Aside for the completely unsubstantiated character of the fantastic charge that Russia has any presence whatsoever on the Colombia-Venezuela border, the claim that sealing this frontier would protect Colombia from “negative activity” spilling over from Venezuela is preposterous.}

Venezuela who always manages to receive the blunt of false accusations that Colombia is actually perpetrators of. Drug trail from central America, oppressors of citizenry, authoritarian measures, etc.

{Colombia is responsible for an estimated 70 percent of the world’s cocaine supply, and top government officials are deeply involved in drug trafficking. Just days before Nuland’s arrival in Bogota, a top Colombian Army general was relieved of his command for connections to traffickers, while the former commander of the armed forces, a close ally of Duque popularly known as “the godfather,” was formally accused of using the military to protect the interests of a cocaine cartel.}

Ok, again I got a little ahead of the article 🙂 But this is a reoccurring aspect of most of the US "allies" in this region. Below I'll post a Abby Martin video that offer support to some of the comments I made above.

{The United States is an unlikely guarantor of election integrity in Latin America, and Under Secretary Nuland an equally improbable champion of democracy. The CIA has interfered in countless Latin American elections and engineered coups throughout the continent to overthrow elected governments out of favor with US imperialism.

As for Nuland, she is infamous for her role in preparing the 2014 fascist-led coup that overthrew the pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovich Ukraine, installing a pro-Western regime.}

Some of us here warned the many democratic and Biden supporters of the future potential of Biden promoting Nuland to this position. Well, here it is in reality. Same evil bitch in a more powerful role.

{Nuland’s mission to Bogota and unsubstantiated claims of Russian election meddling—recycling similarly fabricated claims of the Democratic Party about the 2016 election in the US—has all the earmarks of an operation along the lines of the one she organized in Ukraine.}

{Petro, the former mayor of Bogota, has done everything in his power to prove his reliability to Colombia’s ruling elite, eschewing any association with socialism and leftism and running as the anti-corruption, pro-ecology candidate. Nonetheless, his victory would call into question Colombia’s unconditional diplomatic and military alignment with US imperialism in Latin America.}

Well, that supports my previous conjecture.

Empire Files: In the Deadliest Country for Unions & Social Leaders

In 2017, murders of social leaders, union organizers and indigenous activists in Colombia hit a new high since the historic peace agreement.

Empire Files' Abby Martin goes to Colombia to document the increasingly deadly situation for human rights activists.

Hear from an Afro-Colombian union leader under threat of assassination, and how the US Empire created this epidemic today.

William_Mary 8 Feb 21
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