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JOHN KIRIAKOU: I Work for Sputnik News

Torture, whistleblowing, extraordinary rendition, secret prisons, solitary confinement and corruption in the justice system. Those are Kiriakou’s subjects and he is happy to talk about them anywhere.


{I would be glad to go on CNN, Fox and MSNBC to talk about my areas of interest, but they have never invited me. Sputnik has given me that platform. If the Washington swells don’t like it, that’s tough luck for them.}

Do as we say, not as we do. What we do isn't allowed to be judged. That goes with our information campaign also. Know only what we tell you, react according to how we have mold you to others attempts to inform you. This is the twilight zone of your subservient benefit. Resistance is futile.

William_Mary 8 Mar 10
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I like how people will completely dismiss RT America or Sputnik News as Russian propaganda, but then will bath themselves in CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The Washington Post etc., like they're actually non-biased real journalism and they're not owned by the same 5 corporations and billionaire oligarchs that hire ex-U.S. intelligence community lackeys and ex-weapons manufacturers and even current military industrial complex members to report the news and what's "really happening" in the world of politics and world events. Americans are way too far gone.


Lol, I posted this in Gen & Hell this morning.

FrayedBear Level 9 Mar 10, 2022

Why did you like his misinformation though!?!

@William_Mary Which misinformation do you refer to?


{Never listened to him, so, after reading that, I don't know if he "doth protest too much" or is what he claims. Other Americans, with name recognition, quit their jobs at RT when Putin invaded Ukraine. He makes no mention of what he has done. He doesn't help his case by not denouncing Putin's war, at least in this article, or by providing times that he hasn't toed the line. He simply states that he didn't have to toe the line; wouldn't anyone, at any news outlet, make such a claim?}

They didn't quit their jobs. The platform was taken from them as the American shows operated from DC, shut down by the government. His statement therefore is misleading to readers that falsely indicates they left to protest against Putin. Going Underground with Afshin Rattansi out of England and Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle are still operating. Who is from California now working from Moscow. Here's their latest episodes.



Then he again goes on to take the article out of context on the information front. The article wasn't about placing blame on anyone, it was primarily about the differential comparisons between the use of information, suppression of information, his treatment from MSCM, and expectations from RT. Which outlines the type of information warfare going on which is highly relevant to today. This would also show the potential of purposely attempting to lead readers from the goal of the primary context of the article, or an example of incoherent reading abilities people are geared towards from perception management rhetoric agendas. As far as blame goes, John also didn't voice support for Putin or Russia as a whole in regards to Ukraine. Only the manor of the platform RT provides for independent journalist, political commentators, and reporters, who can't get their views on MSCM due to the FACT they challenge the fake news they deliver. This is a discouraging agenda to sway people from legitimately seeking more informative information, or him fooling himself from within a closed mind. I underscore the above of being geared. That would be a question he'll have to genuinely confront himself with.

{He simply states that he didn't have to toe the line; wouldn't anyone, at any news outlet, make such a claim?}

He admitted from the start he never listen to him, yet at the end has the experience to now judge from one article? If he finds that to be a genuine statement, wouldn't it be pertinent to apply that statement to all media and build a history from reoccurring observance of John's work and alternative media? I assure you from my experiences of comments from Beowulfsfriend, this doesn't seem to be a sincere reality for him.

Protest to much? What the fuck does that even mean? It's what they and we all do within the propaganda we read and write. Society stating their opinions is an element of protest.

@William_Mary tyfyi. The new podcasts I have not previously encountered. It is good that despite the short sighted censorship by US and UK ruling classes the information & protest is being disseminated.
A Michael K very nicely expressed my feeling when he wrote in response to one of the podcasts: "The Western world seems to have gone war crazy to an extent that's really disturbing. It's like 9/11 all over again, only 'we' haven't been attacked this time! One is talking about something that looks more like a kind of 'civil war' inside histroric Russian territory, except for the west of Ukraine, Galicia which was under Polish and then Austrian rule for centuries until WW1. . . . .The period we're living in now reminds me of 1914. The wartime hysteria, chauvanism, racism, hate and visceral fear, has taken over in the West to a frightening degree. The politicians and not least the state/corporate media are creating a firestorm of hate directed against Russia and the Russians, that looks and sounds like a pogrom! Usually any kind of predjudice aimed at another group is seen by liberals and the woke brigade, as completley unacceptable and evil; but now it's all flipped and suddenly open hatred of Russia is sanctioned and applauded, a sign of how virtuous one is! It's like a return to the dark era of the witch-hunt where a target was indentified and one was encouraged and allowed to vent one's anger and hatred without any rationality or reflection of where this was leading us. Strange and frightening times indeed. My biggest concern now is that this thing doesn't escalate further into open nuclear conflict."

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