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Ukraine just keeps getting, well, worse. Ok, lets talk about bio labs now.

Who do you trust when the media denies them, while Victoria Nuland lets the cat out of the bag during a hearing? Damage control? I think so!

I'll argue that the bio labs became a issue recently because the US knew they were going to be exposed by the Russian government. Yesterday RT started playing a documentary (Death Factory) on the subject beginning in mid 1900's where Japan was using Chinese and Russian's as lab rats. It was a heinous conducted project by Unit 731. This project was taking place in what is now Northeast China while under Japanese control at the time. Eyewitness accounts and interviews of people involved are in the documentary. Story short, the US took over the project after the Japanese surrender. The documentary goes into the Pentagon use of bio labs around the world. I took the liberty of picking out a pertinent moment from the documentary. {30-44:40} Fair warning! Very graphic photos and speak within that can be disturbing if you watch the entire documentary. I strongly encourage you do so.

Death Factories

Japan's secret Unit 731 – where biological warfare was conceived.
In December 1949, 12 members of Japan's Kwantung Army faced trial in Khabarovsk for the atrocities they'd committed while developing biological weapons and testing them on prisoners of war. But Shiro Ishii, the head of the unit, never faced the tribunal. Instead, he was offered immunity and taken to the US, where he masterminded biological warfare during the Korean War. Until today, the US continues developing biological weapons in its dual-purpose labs, like the Lugar Laboratory in Georgia, and multiple facilities in Ukraine, whose activities have been causing alarm. Shiro Ishii's successors allegedly continue their experiments on human subjects.



On another note. As I watched the news last night it again became concerning to the potential of the possible twisting of MSCM on the city of Mariupol. I found it odd to see them filming separatist militia handing out humanitarian aid to citizens, and those citizens explaining how the Ukrainian army were parking their tanks near housing and schools, using hospitals for cover to shoot from, while the MSCM had been accusing Russia of these crimes in Mariupol all week. If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't that be using the citizens as human shields? One man explained how his wife was killed as he, her, and his daughter were running for cover as they were positioning a tank on a hill to fire on a school as they were attempting to seek shelter in a basement.

It's odd after all this time I've yet to see anyone supply a pertinent photo or video to support MSCM's version of events. BBC is right now falsely claiming Mariupol is under attack with the mayor claiming 2100 people killed. No video of the mayor making this claim. But by whom? According to the citizens, the Ukraine army, who had orders to kill on sight since 2014. That's according to their own service men captured by separatist militia. Some of those not part of the fascist elements of the military refused to shoot civilians and joined the separatist. Some of them from the Donbas regions themselves. Just in case you're wondering where the separatist got their tanks and artillery guns from to begin a substantial defense. Some of their commanders came from the Ukraine army from the beginning. Which you see in the videos I've been posting. I've been watching a collection of MSCM on a channel we have of mixed news sites all morning. All I'm getting is accusations without any substantial evidence to back it up. And of course the fear mongering of chemical weapons use by Russia now. See how this works yet?

William_Mary 8 Mar 13
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...and the U.S. is using Ukraine to prop up the great big villain Russia. The U.S. doesn't care how many Ukrainian citizens get killed or harmed as long as it's in favor of the U.S. showing what they want the world to see with Russia.

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