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Abby Martin | How Corporate Media is BROKEN


These are all articulative techniques towards delivering a message towards conforming information to develop a foundation of opinion. Propaganda is constantly confronting us from all aspects of information and angles of our lives. I placed it in front of the others because all those after it form the conditions to reach the last, our perception.

It can and is being used against us as a weapon. It's totally up to you to recognize when it is so. Politicians use it, every aspect of media uses it, I use it here in this group. Your computer uses it, your social media, it fills you email, TV, and radio with it. Your cell phone and computer collects your information to use it on you along with every purchase you make.

You must do the work to understand who is using it to deceive and control you or who has a genuine agenda to inform you. There is no shortage of opposing information to that which is out there to deceive you. You just have to be willing to find it, ask for it, use it.

A link for the whole discussion is in the written body under the video at Youtube.

The aim is not to urge the buyer to demand the product now, but to transform the buyers very world, so that the product appears to be desirable as if without the prod of salesmanship.

We were meticulously sold on a war in Ukraine to make it desirable when it finally broke out. Within deceptive means it became normalized, then deceptively covered with an erasure of its history and causes. Of which many don't know due to the suppression of that history which began in 2014. The further funding and support for it erases the deceptive speech of peace and democracy. This narrative control is a heinous crime on all of our societies paying for the war in various ways. It is a heinous act on the entire Ukrainian population, especially those in the Donbas regions who have been bearing the brunt of a genocide campaign for 8 years.

William_Mary 8 Mar 25
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