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Lets test some critical thought here. Jump to the 1:13:00 mark. Fascism to the Obama administration. A fast forward to the more current aspects to attempt to draw some to view from the beginning.

Ukraine - The Everlasting Present
Ukraine’s independence through an American’s eyes


Ukraine – The Everlasting Present is an account of the events that transpired in Ukraine in the three decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since the early 1990s, the country had forces craving independence while the other part of the country preferred to stay in the safety of the Soviet Union.

The collapse of the Soviet Union brought the expected ruined economy and social system, which took years to rebuild. In the process, the country leaned towards the east or the west for help. The officials in power at the time on different sides of the barricade explain why they chose their paths, while experts explain what decisions were correct and which ones became disastrous for the country.

For example, the vast American presence since the mid-1990s was regarded by some former politicians as a blessing. The Americans brought knowledge on politics and finance and heavily participated in rebuilding the country's economy. On the other hand, the help wasn't for free. Ukraine had to give up its nuclear potential, which was considered an act of great nobility, while for others, it was a sign of weakness. What else was going on behind the struggle for independence?

William_Mary 8 Apr 7
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