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Corporate Media Ignores Senate Hearing on Corporate Greed and Inflation

The lack of coverage over the hearing on corporate greed earlier this week reflects the influence that corporate advertisers have on mainstream media.

It is exceedingly rare for a major congressional committee to hold hearings on “corporate greed” leading to corporate profiteering and surging prices on consumer goods.

Although the hearing covered bread and butter issues, the mainstream corporate media ignored it. Massive coverage of the war in Ukraine does not offend advertisers, while the corporate war on consumers directly involves corporate advertisers.

Corporate greed takes hundreds of thousands of American lives every year (think the opioid disaster, the tobacco cancer business, the toxins in the air and water), not to mention injuries and illnesses stemming from corporations that put extra profit over concerns about public health and safety.


In other words. The ruling class and their corporations own our politicians and the 6 MSCM that spew their false managed information, which is at approximately 90% of the information our western societies are forced to digest. Many eat this information without properly deciphering this misleading information from the use of more coherent sources. This is why so many are facing censorship and demonization, especially today. To keep the US population from actually attempting to use the facade of freedom and democracy within full discovery of all information to their advantage will not be tolerated. I would hope that if all Americans knew the full truth of Ukraine in 2020 from the then 6 year history, Biden and Trump both would have faced a much more difficult time with both supporting fascist ideology and the atrocities going on there. Especially with Biden playing the major role in it during 2014.

Quite frankly, the US citizenship is seemingly the most delusional wayward society on the planet. Purposely being filtered from the rest of the worlds social intellectual understandings. Both on the happenings on the world stage as a whole that our government is mainly used to participate in, and the reactions of other world citizens. We seemingly have no desire to hold our representation accountable for anything. So much so that they can send our families off to foreign countries to be killed in wars built on lies and false indications without any sense of retribution. It's no wonder no one cares about Ukrainians, all of Ukrainians, when they take this monstrous unethical ideology abroad. What concerns we witness today are built on a false managed perception, lost in vanity. We just simply fall in line with the spoken false narratives that go against our delusional facade of what America stands for. Even when the facts come out over time, we fall in line the next time dismissing what history taught us.

I'll again reiterate how the demonization of other countries on the bases of being socialistic or communistic is ludicrous when your own operates under a relative structure. When their spoken goals of spreading freedom and democracy, by force, are also a fallacy. If you want the text book example of a communist authoritarian government, look no further than the one Americans live under. When the ruling class and corporations control how your governments, local, state, and national, and media operate, domestically and abroad, you possess the text book example. I'd say worse yet, but what is worse? Our society benefits not from all the crimes our government commits on the world stage as we're about the lowest as a wealthy country can be on every level of social structures. Do you still wonder why I often suggest we're merely a tool to the world power structure created in Europe centuries ago, centered in England?

{Under both Republican and Democratic administrations, the government’s abdication of antitrust enforcement – shaped by corporatist lobbying – allowed countless merger after merger in industry after industry to occur. But Faulkender did not dwell on this dimension of the corporate state or the relentless corporate urge to merge so they can buy their customers instead of earn them.}

{The Biden White House has proposed stronger antitrust and consumer protection measures. They want to tax billionaires and unproductive stock buybacks – the latter being a long-time desire of President Biden. But there is no energy by his Party in Congress compared to the energy by the GOP to stop these measures. Besides, both parties are dialing for the same corporate campaign cash – a daily begging that dilutes the reformists’ ardor.}

Don't hold your breath for any action within the first 2 sentences. The last sentence trumps the first 2. Nothing will fundamentally change. I know I heard that phrase come from someone not to long ago.

{The media blackout on Sanders’s hearing is partly the Senator’s fault. He knows how to hold a highly energetic public hearing. You have witnesses who have worked in the trenches against corporate profiteering, victims of these profiteers, and subpoenaing corporate executives like Tim Cook of Apple if they don’t testify voluntarily. There also needs to be proponents of strong corporate crime legislation.

If Democrats can’t organize a determined hearing, that generates massive media coverage, how do they expect to make these popular issues front and center in the coming November elections? How do they expect to rebut the twistificating Republicans from succeeding in blaming the Democrats for these corporate-bred inflationary pressures on voters? The Democrats haven’t even formulated the slogans for such an offensive.}

It actually pains me to post this article. But it provides an example of how exacerbated the exploitation of the US citizenship has become since 2020, as though 2008 wasn't bad enough. Sanders is the text book example of speaking shit while knowing the system will diminish anything he spews out. It's a carefully selective points of opinion managed so that it looks like he's supporting us but at the same time knowingly limiting his argument. The system uses him to keep democratic voters in check. They're trapped into being there while not actually being there. Just like himself. Never really attempting to put up a genuine fight within a lackluster performance, when he has at his disposal all the tools and history to develop an intellectual argument.

He failed in both primaries to genuinely confront Clinton and Biden with their prior history of actions domestically and abroad. Sanders purposely neglected to use immigration issues, middle east wars, Libya, Syria, and the Ukraine issue against both of them. He has an abundance of examples of how the immigration issues were caused by Clinton and Biden policies in Latin America under the Obama administration, which provided Trump the means to inject more unethical practices. Libya, Yemen, and Syria shouldn't need explained as the routine crimes they were. In regards of the time frame of the 2020 election Sanders should have pounded the Ukraine issue into the American public in both the 2016 and 2020 election cycle. 2 years of knowledge of the genocide campaign in the Donbas regions being exposed could have saved 10's of thousands of lives, and which would have avoided the mass support for a fascist state built with the help of Clinton on her way out and Biden for being a primary orchestrator of. Biden's son reaping in millions from illegal actions, Biden forcing the firing of a national prosecutor, and Victoria Nuland a product of the Clinton administration. Who Biden rewarded with another position to spread more fascist ideology abroad.

Robert Reich is another mouth piece who is simply fine with the capitalist nature of the US. Also having served in the Clinton administration was perfectly willing to support Clinton even though he left the Clinton administration supposedly disgruntled to Clinton policies. Knowing full well what Hillary would conduct her administration within the same type of scenario. He's fully aware of the unethical practices and crimes this system structure performs within both domestically and abroad. As Sanders, he knows where the closet of skeletons are kept that isn't exposed to the public.

{The Democratic leadership has to decide what they want most – votes or more corporate campaign money to further enrich their consultants who themselves are often conflicted due to their own business clients.

Unfortunately for the American people, the knowledgeable civic community is not catching the ears of the Democratic Party candidates. Regular reports show incumbent Democrats feeling despair and defeatism over the prospect of the lying, corrupt, corporatist, and clever GOP taking control of Congress next year.

Wake up to the winning ways of addressing ALL THE PEOPLE with economic and moral policies that connect with where people live, work and raise their families. Learn from FDR!}

Ralph Nader another mouth piece like Noam Chomsky who speak the right socialist talk understanding the workings of the established 2 party system structure always reflecting back to the democrats as the possible saviors of our country. In a breath they correlate them as a whole within a system failure, in the next breath they perceptually draw you back into supporting the failed system on a biased bases knowing we lose with either in power. Managing the courage to outright state that capitalism within a ruling class controlled structure as the exploitive means off the backs of the citizenship that their commentary suggest finds no genuine voice. It's simply useless rhetoric with no direction towards change.

FDR's new deal was a temporary solution that still benefited the ruling class. By the 50's the republicans along with right religious groups had already began campaigns to diminish the successes for the American people. 30 years later a full assault began to shape what we live in today.

William_Mary 8 Apr 9
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