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Killing Civilians, from Mosul to Raqqa to Mariupol

Instead of investigating its war crimes, the U.S. has actively covered them up...

Americans have been shocked by the death and destruction of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, filling our screens with bombed buildings and dead bodies lying in the streets.


And I'll keep repeating this until I'm blue in the face or dead. No one gave a rats ass about the 14,000 dead during the 8 years before February 2022. And I guarantee you the numbers since then are nowhere near that amount since February. And possibly the larger part of them are due to staged false flag murders by the Ukraine army in the western region, and or for citizens taking aid from Russian troops, to blame on Russia, along with civilians being used as shields by them also falsely accusing Russia of such tactics, which would be a major negative towards them.

Which the current Mariupol case today is again exposing as Russian troops cornered the Azov battalion in Mariupol's industrial area. The second reported case in that city being voiced by the now freed citizens. You won't learn this from MSCM, you have to watch RT news to get on the ground reporting for this knowledge.

Putin isn't that stupid after witnessing the 3 staged false flag chemical attacks in Syria the western governments manufactured with the help of their terrorist groups. Our own US military assessments on how well the preciseness of the Russian assault has been completely blows any US news reporting off the chart of being a reality.

{As we recently reported, the U.S. and its allies have dropped over 337,000 bombs and missiles, or 46 per day, on nine countries since 2001 alone. Senior U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency officers told Newsweek that the first 24 days of Russia’s bombing of Ukraine was less destructive than the first day of U.S. bombing in Iraq in 2003.}

{Raqqa, which had a population of 300,000, was gutted even more. A U.N. assessment mission reported that 70 percent to 80 percent of buildings were destroyed or damaged. Syrian and Kurdish forces in Raqqa reported counting 4,118 civilian bodies. Many more deaths remain uncounted in the rubble of Mosul and Raqqa. Without comprehensive mortality surveys, we may never know what fraction of the actual death toll these numbers represent.}

Remain uncounted? It's been years since I posted about this issue. As US commanders opened up Iraq cities left in rubble, reporting on NPR, stating the safe return of citizens to begin rebuilding. Obviously still left alone without the proper equipment to do so. I wonder if the stench of decaying dead bodies under that rubble have finally left these areas. As reporters on the ground spoke of months afterwards.

Where's this new puppet government we put in place at? Safe in the green zone no doubt? What aren't we being told about the rest of Iraq today? Syria? Yemen? Libya? Seemingly Iraq has a government that can only operate in the capital. Same with Syria obviously. Seemingly the outer layers are left to inhumane chaos and the tyranny of any given party in the immediate region? After 20 years no there's no reporting on whether there's any progress what so ever. What we do know though is that 5 major oil companies now have control of Iraq's oil fields. And we're stealing Syria's oil. While our gas and energy prices reach all time highs again? What part of any of this as western societies should we keep supporting? It's an agenda of pure madness of mass social disorder globally where we are all exploited and expendable, any of us capable of falling into poverty or death within the needs of ruling class agendas.

Create terrorist groups. Your terrorist groups take over cities. Return to bomb those cities while still inhabited by the civilians in the hundred of thousands to over a million to rid them of your terrorist groups. Played out in the largest cities of Iraq and Syria over a span of the better part of 2 decades. Yea, lets talk about genocide and war crimes now. Hypocrisy much?

{Americans are rightfully horrified when they see civilians killed by Russian bombardment in Ukraine, but they are generally not quite so horrified, and more likely to accept official justifications, when they hear that civilians are killed by U.S. forces or American weapons in Iraq, Syria, Yemen or Gaza.}

Before this the article goes into a Rand Corp study commissioned to them by the Pentagon on how the US can confront the policies on civilian casualties. Which through the narration of the writers, before, during, and after, especially in regards to Medea Benjamin, my conjecture of recent history of her of possibly having been tamed by some entity/s, seemingly nothing came to mind that falsely creating wars might be the best antidote to stopping civilian deaths. Every one of them within the 20th century onwards can be arguably generated and manufactured for beneficial reasons within ill-gotten means. 122 years later still going strong on the same recycled means. She's seemingly become an arm of Democracy Now.

WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Crushing Dissent’ With George Galloway, Chris Hedges, Scott Ritter and Jill Stein

Join us Friday at 10 am EDT, 3 pm BST as we examine the information warfare being waged to enforce a single narrative about the war in Ukraine.

It may be worse than McCarthyism, which was defeated by its own excesses. Today’s information war against individuals and media who do not adhere to the Western-government-enforced narrative on Ukraine is part of a long history in the U.S. of officially crushing dissent. With the advances of technology for both surveillance and censorship, we might be in the most chilling atmosphere yet for thought control. Will it too be brought down by its own excesses?

As Consortium News has argued, the U.S. and NATO needed and helped facilitate the invasion of Ukraine to launch its economic war against Russia but also its information war against domestic dissent. Our guests have been targets of censorship and smears in this coordinated assault on freedom of expression. Join us Friday with George Galloway, Chris Hedges, Scott Ritter and Jill Stein, co-hosted by Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria and produced by Cathy Vogan.


William_Mary 8 Apr 14
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