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Donbass War: Summer 2014----Retracing the steps

This is the newest release in the series of the 8 year long documentary of the Donbas region. Again, it has parts from 2014 through the entire 8 years, this one has recent updated coverage of Mariupol in it and new 2021 segments. A few citizen accounts along with a woman held hostage in one of the Azov torture facility who claims she was water boarded. Apparently people were held as prisoners in this facility within 2 cold storage units and tortured for information. The woman claims most who went into this facility didn't come out back out alive. The X Ukraine intelligence agent seen in the others explains that these torture tactics used by Azov or Ukrainian soldiers were trained by Israeli military personal. Suggesting they didn't know what they were doing. I doubt the sick bastards cared.

In 2014, the conflicts and contradictions that have existed for decades between Ukraine’s agrarian west and industrial east turned into civil strife and then into war. The differences in mentality, language, and traditions were too irreconcilable. As a result, the Euromaidan movement, which began as a struggle for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union, rapidly veered towards outright nationalist ideas. Radical groups started to play a leading role in Maidan. The regime change, which occurred due to Maidan, was seen in south-eastern Ukraine as a coup d'état.

All the more so because the forces that won in Kiev immediately outlined a new vector for the country’s development. One of the first decisions by Ukraine’s parliament was to cancel the special status of the Russian language. Thousands joined the protests in the south-eastern regions. As a result, Donetsk and Lugansk regions proclaimed themselves the People’s Republics.

Essentially, the protesters were replicating Maidan tactics. But what was acceptable for protesters in Kiev and the west, was unforgivable for the people of south-eastern Ukraine. So the new authorities responded with force. In the spring of 2014, the ATO, an anti-terrorist operation, was announced.


William_Mary 8 Apr 15
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