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The Great Acquiescence — Glory to Ukraine

Americans don’t merely acquiesce to the imperium’s wars, interventions, collective punishments and assorted other deprivations. They actively embrace them.

Not in my lifetime have Americans, purporting to be thoughtful, intelligent people, been so wide-eyed, so stupefied as those who are pretending to lead them and to inform them by seeking to bury them in ignorance.


Towards the end of last year I was developing more of a sense of hope in regards to seemingly an awakened US society, as I read comments on various platforms indicating a wider sense of recognition to western hegemony and MSCM fake news, along with the lack of news content. And just like that, boom, virtually entire societies walk off the cliff following the dis/misinformation campaign. However, the US far worse than any other. Boom, the Afghanistan conditions and reasons for are erased. Latin American agendas are erased. Our own insurrection erased. The border issues erased. Covid deaths, still raising, erased. Who was worse, Trump or Biden, erased. Inflation and it's real reasons erased. The real reasons and results of trade wars and tariff laws erased. Current sanctions, why and not why on who they are implemented on. Conditions in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Africa, erased. Just to name some off the top of my head.

This is so disheartening to watch the vastness and quickness societies will walk off and into this abyss of the erasure of history within an information and contextual warfare. Ignorance is one thing, but what do you call a society that so widely refuses to educate itself remaining as such for so long when so many examples of enlightenment are ignored? Many who in points of time feel a sense of distrust in western governments yet so quickly jumped aboard the next controlled narrative mindlessly again. Seemingly having not learned the tactics of the 24/7 news cycle, taking the instant no facts reporting as genuine information to put trust in, that most often comes back in time as a social betrayal.

{We now read that investigators are diligently “documenting the catalog of inhumanity perpetrated by Russia’s forces in Ukraine” — a U.S. diplomat’s remark. Nobody stops to think the investigators are all from nations that are acting against Russia.

“Where else should they come from?” they shrug in Great Barrington. 😟

What do you have for me today? Russia's carpet bombing of Mariupol? I bet you only have one version of it. And I'll bet it's wrong also.

{We are not reading in the corporate press, by contrast, that a new wave of brute censorship is now upon us, as social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube “suspend,” “cancel,” “de-platform” — whatever this radically antidemocratic business is called — dissenting writers and analysts who have taken the trouble to examine the facts on the ground in Ukraine such as we have them with professional disinterest.

We must defend democracy at home, the good of Great Barrington insist, just as we must in Ukraine 😟

{Since the Russiagate farrago overcame liberal America in 2016, there has been much debate as to whether our McCarthyesque circumstances are as bad as, similar to, or not as bad as things got during the Cold War decades.

This no longer seems to me the useful question. In various important ways we have passed beyond even the worst of the Cold War’s many dreadful features.}

{Our better reference is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, wherein the English novelist pictured a society of incubated beings

for we are heading in the direction of his unlivable world of mind-deprived children watched over by a small, chosen, diabolic elite.

I am not surprised that it is Ukraine that brings us to what I consider a collective psychological crisis. After 30 years of post–Cold War triumphalism, Washington has decided to use Ukraine and its people in a go-for-broke attempt finally to subvert Russia.}

{Broke it will be when all this is over, however far in the future that will prove. A little like Cú Chulainn, the Irish hero who drowned swinging his sword in a rage against the incoming tide, we cannot win this one. And we are falling apart as the realization of our loss arrives subliminally among us.

Whoever wins the war in Ukraine, the non–West will win. Whoever wins, the 21st century will win, burying the mostly awful 20th at last. As for Americans, we have already lost.}

Again to again. A society that seemingly can't learn a god dam fucking thing from within its own history. We continually defeat ourselves into further poverty and deepening servitude to the ruling class. So much so that we are willing to sacrifice our own within their illegal warring to help support their military complex. What happens as it's obvious the Ukraine government can't win this western manufactured war? Are we again going to be willing to send our families off to be essentially murdered again for another fascist agenda? Or would the cleansed word, colonialism, be more biddable for us?

{The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power. Why and when, Fraser wanted to discover, had American workers rolled over in surrender? What happened to all those fine New Dealers who, with good minds, fought hard for the kind of society they knew was possible?

Fraser situates himself “peering back into the past at a largely forgotten terrain of struggle.” The New Deal years, the battles waged against the anti–Communist paranoia of the postwar decades, the antiwar movement of the 1960s and early 1970s: The people animating these movements had memories and experience.

They remembered what American society could be in its potential because they had lived for and acted on that potential. They knew another kind of America was possible.

Most of us have forgotten all that. Younger people never shared that consciousness in the first place. Very few of us have any memory or experience of living under anything other than pervasive corporate domination and a government, in its profound corruption, that serves corporate capital and does as little as it can otherwise.

There is nothing to wage struggle for, in other words. Our relations with those who hold power over us are not very different from the relations Huxley’s children had with the sequestered elites who controlled their lives. This is the root of our prevalent assumptions.

The work of any social or political campaign worth mounting is now rendered too imposing even to attempt. It is best to acquiesce to power, contenting ourselves — as if we all live in Great Barrington — with finding the best olive oil.

Mass acquiescence largely leads us to an explanation of the preposterous support most Americans have for the criminal regime in Kiev. But we’re beyond Steve Fraser’s Age of Acquiescence now. Americans don’t merely acquiesce to all that the imperium imposes on the world — wars, interventions, collective punishments, assorted other deprivations. Americans actively embrace the conduct of empire.}

Since Vietnam, we've seemingly surrendered our own to sacrifice for the global empire without a voice. Beginning with Reagan's smaller wars in Latin America to begin a world of perpetual warring under a perception management campaign. Clinton's Eastern Europe wars and African squabbles with those in-between or after were all preludes to 2001 for a larger sacrifice. If we are indeed being prepped for another with Russia, the nearly 9000 men and women lost in support of empire in Afghanistan and Iraq will most likely come at a much larger sacrifice.

😟 “It is more than a verbal point to say that what should be aimed at is goodness, and not freedom or right action….

The Good has nothing to do with purpose, indeed it excludes the idea of purpose.

I assume that human beings are naturally selfish and that human life has no external point or telos…. The psyche is a historically determined individual looking after itself…. The area of its vaunted freedom of choice is not usually very great.” 😟

{Readers may now suspect where all this is leading: to the main drag in Great Barrington. There we find people who are intent only on self-fulfillment and being good and kind and compassionate, while taking no responsibility for the events of their time because, after all, there is no purpose in life and “we are just here.” Being seen to be good and kind and compassionate is, of course, the essential thing. They too are empiricists.}

I often confront certain people with such a comment. Especially when it's becoming obvious I'm wasting my time attempting to hold a genuine debate with someone who continues to constantly throw useless repetitive rhetoric at me seen of social medias. If you're a type to support the going narrative I'm dissenting against, just say so. Explain that. Attempts to change the context or narratives of the information or comments posted only shows a sense of ignorance to the information and comments of dissenting views. Or that one didn't actually fully participate by observing the entire scope of information and working from self centered opinion without the means to conform a substantial debate. For fucks sake, this isn't twitter where you're limited to a certain amount of characters! If you want to be a productive part of the conversation, and society, do us all a favor and use some god dam intellectual means to represent yourself. You look like a fool otherwise to those observing us. Other than to the other fools who resemble you and join your useless bandwagon.

{Joe Biden denounced the Bucha atrocities at 10:30 am Eastern time on April 4, at the very moment word came of them. At that moment he could not possibly have had any knowledge of what had transpired.}

Have I mentioned the 24/7 repetitive news cycle yet? In case you missed that, it's above. I have a tendency to get ahead of the article sometimes the way I do this 🙂

William_Mary 8 Apr 16
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If you kept your posts short and to the point, some people might read them. Maybe even reply. Noone cares to read an opinionated book when the author rants about different things paragraph to paragraph. Stay on one point, make an argument based on that point and use facts over opinions. Do all of this and someone might show you some attention.

Tejas Level 7 Apr 16, 2022

Thank you for proving some of my vital points of the group. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! For what ever sense of reality you live in, like so many others. You can unjoin the group again, like you do so often. Only to join when you want to make another useless comment.

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