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Contractors linked to fascist paramilitary groups paid to train police in at least 12 US states

A new report by Reuters details ties between Trump-aligned fascist militia groups and police departments across the country. The report identifies five “police trainers” who have been paid, with tax-payer money, by police departments in at least 12 states, including, Idaho, Washington, Texas and Missouri.


{The pair also discussed an alleged Antifa rally, with Biggs writing, “Going downtown to cause havoc,” to which Kennedy replied enthusiastically, “Same. Sounds like a date!”}

Does anyone else other than myself find this to be contradictory of the spoken agenda of Boogaloo? Who claim to be a resistance against growing tensions of racism and the current push for revolutionary conflicts by fascist and far right supporters. How do you work from the proclamation of this claim while voicing havoc on another fake opposing entity while operating within those you claim to oppose against an entity you claim to have more in common with?

How do you legitimately claim to support and train law enforcement while then within your extracurricular activities you betray law enforcement purposes? Even more insane, why do our governments use our tax dollars to monetarily benefit such people who betray them, with that funding benefiting groups they are confronted by with violence during protest? Let alone Jan 6th! You can't make sense out of nonsense! Anyone, feel free to explain this shit to me!

Jacob goes on to explain a sense of betrayal that took place on the 6th as I got ahead of the article again.

This is a common observation I've made and posted here on several occasions in regards to far right and fascist groups. Their actions always hypocritically contradict their claims. They are always the loudest to voice support for law enforcement, waving the large Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement American Flag I see so often flying along with the US, Stars and bars, don't tread on me flags on their pick up trucks, in which their stated opposition is against the government law enforcement are suppose to defend, our laws. We have a large section of our society who seemingly take us all for fools, unable to recognize the hypocrisy within their ideology and the conflicting mixture of delusional reality these flags suggest. Their self advertisement is not only an blasphemy of the US flag, but this mixture of flags also represents a state of denial of attempting to deny others rights.

Which I have argued are the main purpose of this delusional, chaotic reality, to thwart off genuine peaceful protest that are legally held on most occasions. So, I would suggest again, this seemingly indicates that there is a shadow structure of all these entities working together to suppress any sense of genuine attempts for our society to voice their opinions publicly? Within a day or 2 of legally permitted protest, the animals are sent out to feast on chaos to silence any potential growth of genuine dissent.

William_Mary 8 May 7
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