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U.S. Corporate Media Watch: An Interview with Richard Medhurst

Richard and Roberto would like to dedicate this feature to Glen Ford, one of the fiercest critics of U.S. corporate media the country has ever known. May we all find creative and courageous ways to honor his memory by speaking out against Wall Street, white supremacy, and the U.S. war machine.

In this feature, we interview Syrian-born journalist Richard Medhurst about state propaganda, the mainstream media, and U.S. imperialism.


{In your opinion, what is so deceptive about the mainstream media’s coverage of Russia and Ukraine?

Indeed, it’s incredible how many self-proclaimed leftists distrust the government and corporate media on virtually every issue, yet blindly trust them when it comes to Russia-Ukraine, at a time when the propaganda and war machine are in full swing.

It’s ironic: we always hear about “Russian disinformation”, but the bulk of disinformation has come from pro-Ukrainian or pro-Western media.}

{Ukrainian president Zelensky himself said he would honor the 13 men from “Snake Island” posthumously. Stamps commemorating the incident have sold out . Even after it was revealed that they’re alive and well .

{We’ve also seen a plethora of photos, supposedly showing “Russia bombing Ukraine”, which turn out to be NATO bombing Iraq, or Israel bombing Gaza. How ironic. We’ve seen fake images from Libya, and even from video games.

This video , allegedly showing a Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier, is actually from Palestine. The girl is Ahed Tamimi, she’s famous for confronting Israeli colonizers and even slapped one of them once.}

{According to CNN, Putin is not only evil but insane and bent on world domination—which is a great way to talk about the war in Ukraine while keeping your viewers ignorant about the root cause, which is NATO expansion.}

{Ask yourself: how would the United States feel if Mexico or Canada decided to join a military alliance with China, and then Chinese troops were on the US border with Canada? They would be fuming. Don’t take my word for it— open your history books and read about the Cuban Missile Crisis.}

For those who have a hard time comprehending history to use as a critical thought process, there are 2 going prime theories to why JFK was assassinated. One was because he shuttered at the knowledge he learned of in regards to what western powers had been planning for Russia since WWll. A total annihilation of the country in which he had a liking for and good relations with the Russian president of his time, and that he wouldn't invade Cuba which the CIA hounded him to do the entire time he was in office.

When it comes to politics, especially foreign politics, the biggest losing victim second only to world citizenry, is history. The false propaganda of the west always manages to erase the minds of people depriving them of their critical thought process. The vast majority always fall back into the failures of previous periods. This Ukraine issue that has managed to con so many people into supporting fascism is profoundly sickening. As bad as it had become as Trump took office, I never imagined what is happening today. Bar none the suppression of it from 2014, that ignorance can almost, ALMOST, be understandable, but the lack of personal self education of that short term history to related to todays events where most have just blindly fell in line again, is unacceptable. A common misguided phrase of "your part of the problem" can truly find a foundation of practicality now.

{Just look at how Australia and the US are freaking out right now about a potential Chinese base in the Solomon Islands. Apparently a Chinese base 2000km away from Australia is a “security threat”, yet Ukraine receiving NATO weapons and training, and potentially membership, is just “Putin propaganda”?}

{I’m sure the readers already know this, but when Tony Blair was Britain’s Prime Minister, he pushed for the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. He famously said to George W. Bush “with you, whatever ”. That included propagating outrageous lies, like the infamous claim that Saddam Hussein could mount an attack “within 45 minutes ”. This of course turned out to be false, like virtually all “intelligence” claims about Iraq.}

2 wars based on a series of all those lies for 20 years cost us nearly 9000 men and women. Essentially murder of our families. 3 times that have committed suicide since coming home. 10's of thousands maimed and suffering mental illnesses. Over 4 trillion that could have gone to real social issues and counting as we'll be paying in many regards for decades to come. That's not even counting those left to fall into cracks of homelessness and unemployable who have been forgotten. What will it take for the blissful support and funding of the new growing fascist western NATO structure again built on lies and mass deceptions to get people to wake up? Before we're conned into accepting a nuclear war, or sending more of our men and women off to war......

Ukraine isn't going to win this war! Despite what western medias are conning people into believing, Russia and these people's republic armies is kicking Ukraine's ass badly to a point they are only able to now manage a couple of fronts. Pumping more weapons and money into it isn't going to create any different results than have been occurring. Mariupol was the last large major important critical position they lost being it was a seaport. Ukraine made it a point to send Azov to that area in 2014 knowing this but failed to keep it. It took the people's republic army and Russia a mere 2 to 3 weeks to clear this large city out and trap Ukraine troops in the steel plants. Approximately 2 weeks ago the city has began cleaning up, opening a school, and commerce has began again. The one current front is closing in on the Russian border which Ukraine has been bombing Russian towns. Ukraine is getting sucked into a trap where Russia is going to make mincemeat out of them, and the western weapons delivered to them.

More equipment and spare parts for the people's republic army which has been thankfully relying on this equipment since 2014. If you want a genuine story of a rag tag army who has been heroically managing to hold their own against a better technically supplied army, look no further than the 2 republic armies of the Donbass regions over the past 8 years. But you wouldn't know this unless you've been following the documentaries RT has been providing within their coverage of the previous 8 years. Or watching their live news feeds with on ground coverage. The realities our MSCM won't expose to us. Because if you get a genuine means to compare RT information to theirs, their lies and delusional reality is exposed.

......because that's the only way the fascist are going to produce a substantial fight against Russia. By sending our blood to another foreign land again. Lets help secure another fascist state like we did in the early 20th century. That's actually being recycled today! Eventually it will come home to roost also.

{As one of the only journalists covering the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), on the ground and independently, I think the mainstream media’s handling of it is some of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s completely one-sided, biased, and consists of just a handful of stenographers rewriting the same State Department and Tel Aviv talking points over and over which have nothing to do with reality.}

Reality will not be tolerated. Facts, truth, opposing opinions, anything outside of the world capitalist agenda will become a target of false manufactured propaganda.

{In what ways is Biden’s foreign policy a continuation of Trump’s campaign against Iran?

Remember how people claimed that voting for Joe Biden was a vote against Donald Trump’s “fascism”? Joe Biden got into office and then used sanctions that Donald Trump imposed on Iran to ban Press TV and 30 other news outlets in the Middle East. They stole their websites, making them inaccessible worldwide.

Not only is that one of the biggest assaults on press freedoms in recent times but it shows you how the Biden administration is a continuation of Trump.

The Biden administration not only left these sanctions in place (which hilariously claim that Press TV is controlled by the IRGC), but explicitly chose to act on them. They purposely used them to shut down anti-imperialist news sites that challenge US corporate media.}

Colonialism is merely a mirror image of fascism. And colonialism has been a geopolitical strategy for western powers for centuries, long before being rebranded fascism. It can no longer be justified to allow this to go unrecognized as such in todays modern societies without settling this distinction.

Syria details another primary goal of capitalist agendas worldwide. Freedom, democracy, and sovereignty of nations that resist their agendas be damned. Many of whom have aligned themselves with them have later been turned into terrorist states to be used against other nations. This has been recycled throughout the middle east for many decades. It has been recycled throughout eastern Europe since WWll and especially since the collapse of the USSR. Many of which were bombed into compliance to deter relations with Russia. Some who are now revisiting those decisions and reflecting on a potential change. Those who still have relationships with Russia considering rejoining the federation due to fears of NATO or US confrontations.

Which the Donbass regions have been asking for for 8 years, seeking the same conditions Crimea reached in 2014. Putin had instead patiently been attempting to publicly push for the enforcement of the Minsk agreement for those 8 years, to no avail. Unable to bring the conditions into the view of the world society for support was forced to defend the people of these regions along with Russia's security issues that 8 year war, the US, and NATO were infringing on.

William_Mary 8 May 8
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