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How to Defeat the Billionaire Class

There are ways to defeat the billionaire class and many of these tactics have been pioneered or refined by Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative party in Seattle.

The billionaire class has targeted her since she assumed office in January 2014. It has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into a corporate PAC called “A Better Seattle” and saturated television and digital platforms with negative advertising. She and the SA have been denied ads by Google, YouTube, and Hulu. Amazon alone spent over $3 million to defeat her when she ran for re-election in 2019. In December, Sawant defeated a well-funded campaign by the city’s business community to remove her in a recall vote. The Democratic Party in Seattle is currently trying to gerrymander her district to separate her from working-class supporters.


I have mentioned City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant on a number of occasions here in the group. I had a hard time deciding on highlights to place with the link above as the article is full of great ones. So I went with the one I found in the past as a profound indication towards recognizing how the ruling class is so willing to spend an absurd amount of money oppressing us rather than benefiting society.

Try to let this sink in within an proportionate sense compared to national politics! That's 3 million dollars to erase a city council woman! 1 woman who sets on a panel with 8 other democrats in which she is virtually being fought against continuously!

{“One of the first things that happened when I took office was these two prominent Democrats, Democratic council members who came into my office, sat me down, and said, ‘well it’s all well and good’ ---- you roused the rabble and got elected as a socialist, but we’re here to tell you that City Hall runs on our terms,’” ---- “‘You are not winning any wage increase, let alone $15 an hour.’ And less than six months later, we had won the $15 an hour minimum wage. So that about sums it up for the Democrats.”}

In 2019 Amazon went all out to get rid of her, to no avail. Seattle is one of the country's most interesting yet disturbing cities we have. Race issues, whiter privilege, mixed within a notion it is advancing towards a sense of diversity. This may be so, within a long drawn out process of seemingly yet a hope for European utopia battling it to a bitter end for many. Who's winning this war?

In the video Sanders is brought up. The magnitude of support he received that I have often spoke of from all walks of life and party affiliations. He wasted that moment for us to be the democrat and capitalist he actually is. You can't genuinely deny it when you weigh in his actions. A real sense of genuine democratic socialism is achievable. That of Marx and Trotsky on an international front for all of society.




William_Mary 8 May 30
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