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Factchecking the Factchecker on Chomsky, Russia and Media Access


{Take the United States today; it is living under a kind of totalitarian culture which has never existed in my lifetime, and is much worse in many ways than the Soviet Union before Gorbachev. Go back to the 1970s, people in Soviet Russia could access BBC, Voice of America, German television, if they wanted to find out the news.}

I have occasionally spoken of my disdain for Noam Chomsky and this is a primary example of why. Once again he gives an example of the US political structure that falsely goes against the spoken narrative of the American position on the national and world stage. He has spoken on the many various aspects of the failures from policies on society, economically, foreign, and war, essentially as I do, of the US by correlating them with each other to reach his ending opinion, again, essentially as I do. Time after time he has done this and then reverts to the democrats as our potential saviors. RT even has a documentary of him outlining exactly what I'm attempting to explain. Absent my personal observation towards my disdain of course. Rightfully, RT would use it as an example of what the Russian society and world society is up against.

He participated in the anyone but Trump rhetoric while it helped to gaslight a result in a Biden administration that clearly exacerbated the present totalitarian culture we are witnessing today. While he personally tossed aside his obvious recognition of the Ukraine issue from 2014 without clarifying what a Biden presidency would also mean for the US and world stage. Chomsky, have no doubt, knows the history of Ukraine and Russian relationship over many decades, add the the 2014 scenario manufactured by the Obama Biden administration, and what was coming well better than I or most likely anyone reading this does. He should have been exposing the Obama Biden administrations crimes right along with those of Trump. He has a hell of a lot more recognition and means to make a MSCM splash than most who know all the needed information which needs to be made public. In stead, he simply became another herder of support for more evil.

He then goes on to contradict himself. He attempts to draw a hint of negativity of the Soviet Union and then admits it had the ability for worldwide information. Which I will tell you it still has today. If you're one to actually believe that the Russian society is unable to find access to world information from outlets outside of their country, it's pure indoctrination controlling that perception. I assure you it's much easier for their society to find information than it is for ours to find opposing views on our government. This is really rocket science either for a critical thinking person. How do you think the narratives of opposition to the Russian government are covered within our MSCM? Well, it's due to the same various means of groups who create coulor revolutions worldwide, and coverage of our medias in Russia, used towards creating opposition groups and gaslighting protest and glorification of false prophets to challenge the government. Or more recently, the election where the west attempted to back a fascist to challenge Putin, which they were hoping would cause a revolution.

The moral of this should be that to use a comparison between the US, Soviet Union, and Russia is deceptive when attempted as a negative or positive. When it can simply be clarified by examples for the reader to decide on their own.

Another moral I have stated on before. Fact checkers are essentially useless. They have their own agendas. And their agendas are to serve the same agendas as the ruling classes media coverages. You will never witness a genuinely unbiased news source at the top of their ratings list, if mentioned at all. And when they are mentioned they're always close to the bottom and falsely given a swaying political side. Especially if you put any unbiased source in their search engine. Many are listed as fake news to deter anyone from observing them.

With that said. This source itself is relatively new to me. It has seemingly become the place to go for some after they lost or left RT platforms, RT being banned. A fair number of journalist from my most trusted sites have their articles posted on here regularly also. I'm still on the fence about it. The founder has a long history of involvement with MSM's and is described as left wing which gives me a high sense of caution. I want editors and journalist who are unbiased that cover all sides of all issues. No bullshit partisan agendas allowed! We have western propaganda thrown at us 24/7 to compare with unbiased sources. With that I get both sides with illustrations of that propaganda already attached which makes my research a hell of a lot easier. And gives me more time to observe foreign sources.

And that my fellow world citizens is exactly what MSCM and MSMs goal is in within the collaboration of the structure of our societies. Especially in the US. Limited your time to properly discover the information to be found. They work to entrap us in a false reality of their world view they want us to perceive it as. The less you know of it the more the ruling class gets away with their crimes and destruction of the planet. And it has been working quite brilliantly for 5 decades now.

Just take a good look at where we are today after 5 decades of perception management. War is raging on innocent civilians around the globe. Whether it be by sanctions or conventional warfare killing daily. Hunger killing approximately 30,000 a day and growing under the current conditions the manufactured war in Ukraine has caused. World inflation is currently none stoppable. Fascism is once again on a major up tick with the support of our governments as it was in the 1900s. And the planet is ablaze in many regions while it drowns in others. And the western governments have all the wrong addresses towards all this while they continue to enrich themselves and those who own them. They aren't actually addressing any of these issues. Nickel and diming, both policy and economically wise, at best which usually benefits their owners inequality scheme also at the end of the day.

William_Mary 8 Sep 4
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