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Operation Ukraine: Crime without Punishment---The history of Ukraine’s crimes against Donbass civilians

I've been stating about crimes being recorded for 8 years. What we haven't already seen in previous documentaries, here are a few other examples starting to come out in this new one by someone doing the foot work. Here's some new footage mixed with some extended footage of older.

Fair warning! Segments of dead bodies, including children, blood, and war conditions in civilian populations along with mass graves in at least 2 segments. And I'm not talking about mass graves in cemeteries of people in coffins that Ukraine has attempted to falsely claim are mass graves of Russia's doing on 2 accounts. These are mass graves of bodies of men, women, and children piled in a hole together, pulled out of the dirt that have been discovered in dozens of places throughout the Donbass regions where Fascist and Ukrainian troops have been since 2014.

These strikes on civilians are orchestrated by the US with intelligence help and permission to take place. These people are not considered as human beings. They are simply in the way of the agenda. They're of Russian descent after all. That is their crime. They deserve no democracy or sovereignty. Freedom or peace. Life even.


On March 14, 2022, the Ukrainian Army struck residential buildings in Donetsk with a Tochka U missile. The air defence system shot the missile down, but one warhead exploded in the middle of a busy street, in the centre of the Donetsk Republic's capital, killing more than 20 civilians and maiming dozens more.

Donetsk resident Yury Rumyantsev lost his wife in the attack orchestrated by Ukraine. Still, his photograph was published in Western media, portraying him as a resident of Kiev who suffered from the Russian army. A month after the Donetsk attack, the Ukrainian army again used a Tochka-U rocket in Kramatorsk, killing dozens of civilians.

The documentary traces back the war crimes committed by the Ukrainian side starting from as early as 2014. Journalists and activists who collect evidence of atrocities speak on how the Kiev authorities have been directing them and have given a free hand to nationalist battalions in the southeast. They share their thoughts on why the Western media and human rights organisations ignore hours of video evidence of Ukraine’s abuse.

William_Mary 8 Sep 20
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