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Fake Journalism Is Only the First Draft of Fake History

In recently crediting the slave owners who wrote the Declaration of Indepenence with inspiring the abolitionist movement, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was only the latest in a long line of politicians determined to purify the innocence of the American experience despite its original and enduring racist sins.

It is only one of a series of inconvenient truths concerning this nation’s imperialist legacy that have been bleached out of our historical memory to leave us, as Gore Vidal once described, the United States of Amnesia.


I often emphasis the importance of using history to help decipher through the large amount of deceptive mis/disinformation we get from our MSCM and MSMs. For us in the US the project of finding reliable means to use to decipher this purposeful misleading information is a struggle in its own right. And that is largely due also to the indoctrinating MSCM and MSMs who have successfully turned many of those sources into enemies of our citizenship. These people fail to recognize that the information war being waged on them is coming from those who don't want us to discover the factual bases of history that these medias are paid to deceive them of, along with current events happening. They fail to recognize how our representation manages to get away with their lies and crimes to continue them again in the future due to this compliance. It's essentially like walking into a quicksand pit over and over even though one knows the pit is there.

Many even know of the lies and crimes yet fail to correlate them to each party while excusing their chosen party to construct an accountability where it actually lays, the system. Which our representation has little to do with. They are owned by the same people who own the 6 major MSCMs. They're essentially there to put on a show just as the medias are. You can basically forget about all of the domestic issues we have as they have all been going according to plan for the most part since about the Carter era. What dictates those issues is essentially foreign issues. War creates migrations and upsets economies. Disturbances in resources and food supplies for societies to survive, or not. Look for who's attempting to control! Then look for who's actually voicing to support. History holds the answers. And western governments answers have always been buried in deceptions and betrayals.

Currently, I'll argue for instance, that as the Latin American societies continue to turn towards leftist and socialist governments, looking towards joining BRICS, we'll see a diminishing amount of people attempting to migrate to the US as their economies begin to grow and crime is confronted. Potentially people will go back to their countries to escape the growing racism in western countries. The only thing that can change that is if the US goes full bore on interference within. Reagan era style. As Africa faces starvation Europe is potentially looking at another mass emigration problem much like the past 20 years of warring in the Middle East. With their economies already stretching into double and triple growth and protest something is going to end up snapping. Quit hoarding all the grain from abroad or lift the sanctions.

There was a post relative to this discussion a while back. I attempted to make a point in regards towards apparent changing of context to the underlining subjective material that was provided. I believe this discussion also makes the same type of distinction. Quite frankly it comes real close to my developed opinion of the the entire concept of the US having been an opportunity of escaping the tyranny of England as being a facade. Seriously think about it. During the history of the US we've had first the founders, then presidents and representatives, who created the constitution and bill of rights, made statements of civil warnings, who all were actually committing the same crimes/unethical practices and were compliant and operating within the same structures of those we were warned of. Every last one of them! Right up to today.


{He begins with the nation’s violent origins and repeated throughout the accounts of the nation’s history recorded in more than 400 history textbooks that Mamer has reviewed, the majority of which contain glaring omissions or inaccuracies about the history of the formation of the U.S., its major wars and the social movements that shaped contemporary society.

“If you asked any students if they even know the name of a war that was declared by the United States against the Indians, you will find that they don’t have any idea,” Mamer mentions. The history of Native Americans, as Mamer talks about, is one of the most mangled subjects within American textbooks.

“The Native people are basically almost not present in the textbooks,” Mamer says. “It’s fascinating and that’s obviously done on purpose, but they do the same thing with labor history. Very few students know much about the development of the union movement. They do the same thing with the history of various Asian groups in the United States.”}

While a war on socialism has been previously exacerbated by our representation, most notably by none other than the leftist party of the nation, most people are seemingly unaware of the role unionist, socialist, and communist party's played in what little benefits we still hold today.

{With the Ukraine war dominating the media space and the U.S. once again slickly involved, isolationism as it relates to early U.S. history is another area of disputation of the written record in some books. “Every textbook I’ve seen and every student I’ve talked to has said, well, this is an isolationist nation and that changed in World War I… you can’t teach that the United States was isolationist because it never was isolationist. It had enough work to do in expanding from sea to shining sea,” Mamer mentions.}

In other words. Against its own proclamation, the US has been interfering in other nations affairs towards expansion and or personal gains. If peaceful diplomacy wasn't manageable it became forced within terrorism and or warring conditions. Diplomacy was often a deceptive measure towards future betrayal or disregarded all together knowing what results would most likely entail. Which the Ukraine issue today is full of. A history of betrayal and current conditions arising from the obvious interference of a neighboring country to gain a geopolitical footprint towards unnecessary aggression threatening their national security.

😟 Scheer: And part of the documentation was from the popular press of the time and reminding people, this is not the 1500s. We’re talking about in the 18, late 1800s, and we’re talking about yes, throwing Native children into a fire. We’re talking about all the horrible marks of a genocide and that’s not taught, is it? 😟

{And he said clearly, from his experience, Chinese University students know more about the United States in a detailed, complex, informed way that American students know about China. So what is the measure of our freedom? What is the measure of our being an educated people or capable of critical thought when we have this completely distorted history of our past actions, and I get back to this basic question, Jim, because you were a much admired teacher out of our high school system and then you went to University of California at Irvine where you did this for 10 years, training teachers. These are good people, these are solid people. They want to teach. How can they turn away from this harsh reality of our own experience? Are they on drugs? How do they do it?}

William_Mary 8 Oct 8
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