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US Youth Observe Cuba’s Elections—and Learn About Real Democracy

A delegation of youth from the United States observed Cuba’s November 2022 municipal elections and offer an inside look into a true people’s democracy, where workers decide who will govern them, not wealthy oligarchs and corporations.


This is a virtually mirroring to part of Venezuela's social elections. Candidates come right out of the community. I suppose you could claim it has a resemblance to our local elections, without actually knowing just who you're voting for. It is virtually impossible to find information on these candidates in our local elections until someone exposes them in the media after some type of fraud and or favoritism comes into play involving tax dollars. Or enough obvious evidence is shown they're doing nothing for your locality.

As I have stated in the past, local and state governance is basically elementary and high school levels of the same career school politics on the national level. There's always someone in the shadows either dictating hows and whys to milk our societies and or personal agendas of the representatives to benefit themselves and or a few. Large scale businesses in our localities and their relationships with local officials are no different than corporations and banks on the national platform. The diseases of capitalism work the same in all 3 structures. This disease is largely medicated in a properly ran socialist or communist governance setting.

Paraphrasing here. But I once seen Obama on the TV where he made an absurd statement. If you don't like/agree with what you're getting from your representation, run for office. If you don't understand why that is the most absurd statement coming from a president of these times, please do society a favor and quit voting, ever. Because you obviously don't understand any of that above either. Because if ever comes your or our way before you're dead, when someone finally breaks the dam on the criminals down stream, you'll just be part of the idiots who have the potential to fuck it up for us. 2016 exposed a LOT of fucking idiots as proof. More than half the country missed on that one!

{Before the election, the National Electoral Council goes house to house to verify voters’ information. This year, after Hurricane Ian devastated the Pinar del Río province in the east, election officials surveyed people still evacuated or sheltering there to ensure they would have voting access.

Cuban elections are always held on Sundays, so that voters are not restricted by their workdays to participate in democracy.}

{The US pushes the falsehood that Cuban elections are “not competitive.” In reality, every Cuban municipality must have at least two to eight candidates running, in order to ensure that voters have a choice. In La Corbata, three candidates were running, all of whom were women.}

Part of Obama's absurdity.

{Competitiveness in US elections has continued to plummet as corporations expand their monopoly over our ostensible democracy, or rather, oligarchy. In the November 2022 midterms, less than 8% of US Congressional districts were considered competitive.}

I've only went in to vote once since 2016. That was because their was something on the local ballot measures I wanted to be part of. I have absolutely no representation geared towards further benefiting my existence and forced participation in our society. As those consistently diminish and moves towards fascism locally, state, and nationally. And quite frankly, it's profoundly disheartening that the vast majority of my fellow citizenship don't recognize that they don't either.

{Another key difference between US and Cuban elections is that in Cuba, there is no “traditional” campaigning. The community-nominated candidates cannot spend any money on campaigning, but they are still accessible to voters to discuss any issues.

Candidate biographies, highlighting their experience serving the community and their membership in different organizations, are posted outside of the polling place.

Voters make an informed decision based on the candidates’ genuine qualifications, not on flashy campaign mailers or attack ads made by Super PACs.}

If those attributes need explaining, you're rabbit hole of indoctrination is a maze of tunnels you're lost and trapped within. Between the above and following you'll find the profound sickness of the US electoral process. Below you'll find the reason managed negative propaganda indoctrination is our bitch. You might just be one that needs to learn how to recognize when it's negative if any of my remarks struck a nerve.

{The far more advanced character of Cuban socialist democracy is exactly why the US is so intent on obfuscating and blockading Cuba’s reality. Their example shows us what is possible.

For more than 60 years, a small island of 11 million people has resisted the biggest, most violent empire in history. If a true workers’ democracy can be realized 90 miles from our shores, it can be realized here too, and in every corner of the world.}

William_Mary 8 Dec 4
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