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U.S. colonial State has identified three strategic enemies—Colonial mode of production in existential crisis!

As the Advanced Detachment, we are in the process of continuously developing a meaningful response to the recent brutal assault on the African People’s Socialist Party by the FBI.

We are discussing our summation of these attacks and everyone needs to take this overview seriously and digest it.

I think it’s really important and it helps to give context to everything that’s happened with us in terms of the assault on our people through us, and all of the work that we are engaged in everywhere. It should help to inform us.

What has become clear is that the United States government, along with the so-called Western colonial powers under the sway and leadership of the United States government, has identified three strategic contradictions that represent an existential crisis for the colonial mode of production.

This crisis revolves around the question of the continued hegemony of the United States and the end of the reign of the colonial powers that came into existence through the enslavement of African people, initially, and attacks on other peoples.


{Some can see the relationship of the current U.S. war on Russia to the role of the Carter Administration in the 1980s which went into Afghanistan in an initiative that was actually begun by Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzesinski.

Carter was determined to destroy and cripple Russia through creating this Jihad that would manufacture a “Vietnam” for Russia by attacking the government in Afghanistan. Although, I think it can be over emphasized, that government was supported by Russia. Women in Afghanistan had rights and major social and economic progress was being made in Afghanistan.}

In other words, as I have stated in variations many times here. A successful socialist society illuminating throughout the world citizenship can not be tolerated. Allowing a vastly more equal society to be witnessed would bring down the curtain hiding the crimes and unethical practices that make up the foundation of capitalism and the vast inequality that comes with it. Actual democratic practices in the political arena and work place which would provide more clarity to freedom would diminish greed.

{We refer to this war as the First Imperialist World War that was being fought by colonial powers to redivide the world among themselves. As African people, we have experienced this many times ourselves, including in Berlin in 1884 and 85–when the colonial powers got together to carve up Africa. Historically, you can see many other instances where the great powers of Europe have come together to reshape the world to make it something that satisfied their own particular interests.}

We're currently witnessing another reshaping of the world. Widely on an economic, monetary, and trading aspect. Allies are being redrawn. Latin American country's are turning back towards socialist and progressive tendencies according to recent presidential winnings. African country's facing hardships from world sanctions are attempting to force NATO country's out wanting to partnership with Russia and India. Along with trying to reduce terrorist activities they accuse NATO country's of inciting and supporting. They don't want to be another Ukraine as the western governments are attempting to force them into deals over their resources. While having their attempts to go green suppressed.

{Russian Communists assumed that there was going to be this great Revolution and movements coming out of Western Europe and that did not happen. The only revolutionary activity that was challenging imperialism in the biggest possible way was the anti-colonial struggles taking place worldwide. It’s really important to say that. The basic point is that this struggle with Russia has a long history that didn’t just start yesterday.}

Marx and Engels really never envisioned the socialist movement that took place in Russia in regards to the correlation to their work. They envisioned it happening in Europe/Germany where they were from. Few still don't understand the strong relevance to the socialist and communist movement that occurred in the US after the Great Depression. Controlled as it was by FDR to keep capitalism alive, socialism played a major role that lead to the growth of a strong middle class. That became under attack in the 50s taking approximately 3 decades to begin diminishing the benefits gained.

{During the Second Imperialist War, World War II, also a war to redivide the world between the colonial powers, Russia came under assault. Russia was recruited to participate in this program to fight against “fascism,” in the form of one colonial power–Germany. Japan also participated in attacking Russia in 1918.

The isolation of Russia forced the Soviet Union into a temporary alliance between Stalin and Hitler until Germany invaded Russia, when despite losing 23 million Russian people, the Soviets defeated Hitler’s army.}

This is a part of history that is currently being strongly swept into the graves of the war with the help of our medias. Not only today, but since the war also. Our WWll movies don't include the importance Russia played in defeating the German or Japanese army's. Documentary's either. In that era Japan was an occupying army in China near the borders of Russia. Japan had biological labs in which they took both Chinese and Russia citizens to conduct the most horrendous types of experiments on killing 100,000 of thousands. Russia finally put down a million man army to basically end Japans warring means. In little time even. You can find more information by looking up the Unit 731. RT also has a documentary on the grotesque nature of these experiments and killings.

{While Unit 731 researchers arrested by Soviet forces were tried at the December 1949 Khabarovsk war crime trials, those captured by the United States were secretly given immunity in exchange for the data gathered during their human experiments.[6] The United States covered up the human experimentations and handed stipends to the perpetrators.[1] The Americans co-opted the researchers' bioweapons information and experience for use in their own biological warfare program, much like what had been done with Nazi German researchers in Operation Paperclip.[7][8] On 28 August 2002, Tokyo District Court ruled that Japan had commited biological warfare in China and consequently had slaughtered many residents.[9][10]}

These experiments are the blue prints of bio labs that the US government and Pentagon now operate worldwide, apparently some 28 in Ukraine. We have a lot of profoundly sick minded people controlling the world. The article goes on to explain the China and African aspect I've reverberated a few times. The effect worldwide and people.

{There are a few other points that we have to understand here: Marx was wrong about what it was going to take to create the communist society that he talked about.

On the one hand, he was able to say that all capitalist activity rests upon the foundation of colonialism or “slavery pure and simple.” Consequently, there were many people from Viet Nam, China, Russia and elsewhere who accepted that, somehow, the global Communist Revolution was going to be made as a consequence of a victory of the industrial working class over the industrial ruling class.}

But Trotsky made that distinction. That's why I closely follow the World Socialist Web Site news, follow the Socialist Equality Party associated with the site and the International Committee of the Fourth International. I would also argue communism wasn't Marx and Engel's primary meaning to democratic socialism. On the realm of politics and the means of production. I relate communism to the regards of the various forms where entities other than the citizenship hold to much control that dictates society out of favor of the citizenship. China however seems to have one of, if not the better communist systems. Quite frankly, all western societies are living under a communist system, silently, in a deceptive mode. When the ruling class own all our politicians and the media who deceive their people, you couldn't find a better ran authoritarian governance as what we face in western societies. Our information is controlled towards perception management. Our politicians our paid throughout our election cycles both domestically and foreign to benefit the inequality we face. Our laws and legislature are dictated to benefit them and their corporations.

William_Mary 8 Jan 29
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