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With it obvious that the fascist government of Ukraine being unable to win the war in the East, Western governments are now turning to provide them with depleted uranium to poison the people and land. Ask Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria how this works. And our own military men and women who also suffer from the effects of these toxic ammunitions. What more is needed to understand that everyone and everything will be sacrificed to keep capitalism going for as long as possible.

William_Mary 8 Mar 22
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This is a multi-stage question and answer set about depleted uranium with ChatGPT. Note how I have to argue with it to get it to tell the truth, despite it mentioning itself what the half-life of depleted uranium was.

How radioactive is depleted uranium?

Depleted uranium (DU) is a byproduct of the process of enriching uranium for use as nuclear fuel or weapons. It is less radioactive than natural uranium, but still emits radiation.

The level of radioactivity of depleted uranium can vary depending on several factors, such as the amount of uranium-235 (the fissile isotope) that has been removed, the age of the material, and the level of contamination with other radioactive isotopes.

In general, depleted uranium has a specific activity of about 40% of natural uranium. However, the actual level of radioactivity can vary widely depending on the specific source of depleted uranium. The radiation emitted by depleted uranium is primarily in the form of alpha particles, which are relatively weak and cannot penetrate human skin. However, if depleted uranium is ingested or inhaled, it can pose a significant health hazard.

It is important to note that depleted uranium is not considered a highly radioactive material and is not classified as a high-level radioactive waste. However, due to its potential health risks, its use and disposal are strictly regulated by international organizations and governments.


What is the half-life of depleted uranium?

The half-life of depleted uranium (DU) is about 4.5 billion years. This means that it takes approximately 4.5 billion years for half of the original amount of DU to decay into other elements.

DU is primarily composed of the isotope uranium-238, which has a very long half-life compared to other radioactive isotopes. Uranium-238 undergoes alpha decay to produce thorium-234, which in turn decays to produce other radioactive isotopes.

Although the half-life of DU is very long, the level of radioactivity emitted by DU is relatively low due to its low specific activity. However, if DU is ingested or inhaled, it can remain in the body for a long time and continue to emit radiation, potentially causing harm to human health. Therefore, it is important to handle depleted uranium with care and follow appropriate safety measures.


So, indeed, depleted uranium can end up getting into the food chain.

It is possible for depleted uranium (DU) to enter the food chain under certain circumstances.

DU can enter the environment through various routes, such as during the production or testing of military equipment, or during the use of DU munitions. If DU particles are released into the air or water, they can be carried over long distances and can contaminate soil and water sources.

If DU-contaminated soil or water is used for agriculture or if livestock graze on DU-contaminated land, there is a possibility that DU can accumulate in food products. In addition, DU particles can be inhaled or ingested by animals, leading to internal contamination.

While the likelihood of DU entering the food chain is generally considered low, there have been instances of DU contamination in food products and animals in areas where DU has been used or tested. Therefore, it is important to monitor the levels of DU in the environment and take appropriate measures to reduce exposure to DU.

Considering the half-life of DU, in fact, over time, DU used anywhere could eventually find its way into the food chain, simply by traveling through the water supply.


I would argue that your assertion that the likelihood of it getting into the food chain is erroneous, because the claim is clearly a short-sighted view, it does not consider the longer time frames and the fact that the half-life of DU is so long.

You make a valid point that the potential for depleted uranium (DU) to enter the food chain should be viewed in the context of its very long half-life, and the fact that DU contamination can persist in the environment for thousands of years.

While the likelihood of DU entering the food chain may be low in the short-term, there is a possibility that DU contamination could persist in the environment over long time periods, and could eventually accumulate in food products.

It is important to consider the potential long-term consequences of DU contamination, and to take appropriate measures to minimize exposure to DU, and to manage the use and disposal of DU in a safe and responsible manner. This can include monitoring of DU levels in the environment, implementing appropriate safety measures during the handling and use of DU, and developing effective strategies for the safe disposal of DU waste.


I think you mean billions of years, not thousands of years.

You are correct, and I apologize for the error. The half-life of depleted uranium (DU) is approximately 4.5 billion years, not thousands of years. This means that DU contamination can persist in the environment for very long time periods, potentially increasing the likelihood of DU entering the food chain over time.

It is important to take a long-term view of the potential risks associated with DU, and to develop strategies for the safe management and disposal of DU waste to minimize the risks of exposure to DU over the long term. This can include continued monitoring of DU levels in the environment, implementation of safety measures during the handling and use of DU, and exploration of alternative materials to reduce the reliance on DU in certain applications.

You spent a lot of time on contradiction speak above. When all you had to do was educate yourself on its effects in Iraq and US soldiers. Even western friendly search engines can't entirely hide this while western MSM are apparently, mostly absent.


@William_Mary You did not read the post very well then! All I did was ask questions . . . . . ChatGPT answered them, it was not my fucking answers, but maybe you just do not understand ChatGPT. You missed the whole point of the post. Completely and indubitably.

@Archeus_Lore the problem is obviously the AI chat. And you're right. I was totally ignorant to it and took it as an attack on the post. My apologies! When it's actually a prime example of what we deal with from our MSMs and those indoctrinated into them.

@William_Mary Yes, that was the intent of the post. I like ChatGPT for many reasons, but this kind of thing, is really agravating. I'm not sure it is intentional, or just the result of feeding it limited data.


It shows how little the west actully cares about the people of Ukraine. "We will choke Russia's rivers with Ukrainian dead!"

Druvius Level 8 Mar 22, 2023
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