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Treasury secretary Yellen twists to the power of money

As if caught in an ever more powerful vortex, US treasury secretary Janet Yellen was this week wrenched this way and that over the issue of how much support the government and financial authorities should provide to wealthy uninsured bank depositors.


{The back and forth of Yellen on the issue of support for the ultra-wealthy and the financial elites is by no means an isolated incident.

Rather, it is a particular expression of the central policies of the Fed, regulatory authorities and the government. Whatever acknowledgements they may make on occasions about the need for sound public policy, they always return to their key mission—the protection of the financial oligarchy that dominates the economy.}

Containment----As with each recession occurrence, notice that it isn't until after the primary oligarchs and share holders manage to get their money contained, is it publicized that a recession occurred. Leaving mostly main street scrambling to get theirs. By the time you and I hear of it, we're basically screwed. Overnight, over the weekend, bam, we wake up experiencing a recession. Along with all the warnings I attempt to give in regards to the nature of their ponzi scheme market, it will be the same when the system collapses entirely. Screwed turns to entirely fucked. All many will have is what they own which will become basically worthless.

And quite frankly, we're presently only a few steps from that happening currently. If you don't get this picture yet, our economy and social structure is currently being held together with a virtual duck tape made up of a vast amount of worthless paper and ink that the adhesives used to make it have been deteriorating for a few decades, vastly since 2008. And since the manufactured war in Ukraine a significant amount of global nations are beginning to pour gas on that tape compromising its fake integrity.

I have also often warned about our nation being used as the bully on the world block. Like Caitlin Johnstone, the citizenship of Europe are all currently pointing their fingers at the US as the initiators of their problems in regards to every aspect of their social woes caused by this war. Victoria Nuland's "fuck Europe" statement is probably ringing loud in many heads over there today. The US is dropping past compliant partnerships like a rain storm in Africa, and Latin America is boldly thumbing their noses at the US also. What happens when the dollar that isn't worth shit as it is drops as the major world currency?

William_Mary 8 Mar 25
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