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The Hidden Hand of the IMF in Sudan’s Crisis

Orthodox economics is the ideology of the rich and powerful, writes Dian Maria Blandina. Poor countries such as Sudan, that are trying to develop, cannot afford a regime of free trade.

A reductive explanation has been given for the food crisis in Sudan, such as (worldwide) economic crisis, climate change and the Ukraine war. The significance of macroeconomic policies and the institutions that promote them at the root of these crises tend to be overlooked.

The IMF imposed liberalization in Sudan, particularly in the agricultural sector, to promote exports. Liberalization means removing any barriers to trade and eliminating obstacles to foreign investment, while at the same time reducing the size and power of the government to regulate the economy.

Orthodox economics is the ideology of the rich and powerful. Poor countries trying to develop like Sudan cannot afford a regime of free trade. Sudan should have been left to develop its agricultural sector to serve its own people first.

Seeing Sudan in the news now, it’s hard to imagine that it was once destined to be the “breadbasket of Africa.” Sudan is not only rich in oil and minerals, but also arable land.


I speak about the IMF and world banks a lot for a reason. You can apply the context of this article towards every trade agreement since NAFTA. These banking elements also play an essential role in basically every foreign policy interference of countries around the planet by western governments. Farming communities are ALWAYS the losing element in regards to every incursion into another country. These incursions also usually have a negative effect on the farming communities of the invading countries. Farming families have been dying out since the 80's. Suicides among farmers have gone off the charts worldwide. This is simply another tool of invisible war against the world society that thins out populations. Out of sight, rarely mentioned, it goes unnoticed. A virtually history erased as it happens.

William_Mary 8 May 19
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