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Alright----What do you want to talk about?

William_Mary 8 May 27
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  1. Sex
  2. The eradication of stupidity
  3. Sex
  4. The elimination right-wing whack jobs
  5. Sex
  6. The effective control of religious crazies
  7. Sex
  8. Bringing Swamp McSwampy to his senses
  9. Sex
  10. The lobotomisation of authoritarians, dictators, assholes and psychopaths
  11. Sex
anglophone Level 8 May 27, 2023

I am starting to get the feeling you have sex on your mind.

@Betty Yes, in what passes for my mind. 😉

@anglophone Do tell. 😉

@Betty Given the way that five of those things always result is a gigantic fuck up, a leavening of sex seemed like a good idea.

@anglophone At least it is pleasurable. 😉


Would love to hear a foreigners take on Australian "state of the nation". How we are welcoming almost a million immigrants the next 2 years. The brilliant AUKUS deal where we will pay something like 8 billion dollars for nuke subs to be delivered in 2040, meanwhile letting our country be used as a military staging platform for foreign forces. Our defense of our citizens who reside overseas, like Julian Assange. Generally how we steer our own destiny with our "Australia first" type policies.

puff Level 8 May 27, 2023

You should be following [] then if you're not already doing so.

In retrospect though, your "how" has been managed by the following. Your country's primary problem is being a member of the colonized vassal states of first England and then the conjoining US. Having billionaire Rupert Murdoch as a previous citizen, owner of one of the 6 major MSCMs, who obviously has a major influence within your political arena, isn't going to help. Obviously, this wasn't enough so your country became a member of the Five Eyes intelligence program in 1956. All this pretty much locks your country up in the brotherhood of todays capitalist delusional reality of the international ruling class. The land and inhabitants were forcibly assimilated into servitude. As many inhabitants before and or with had various crimes of humanity committed on them to become so worldwide.

Many of the post FB makes here about your country are mirroring examples of the US and other previous conquered colonies. The political arena is included in the mirroring effects. All aspects reverberate worldwide in western societies. Freedom and democracy are simply rhetoric fallacy. As in the US the MSMs are also your enemy which collaborate within the ruling class agendas.

A while back I posted an example of how your Green Party betrayed its stated agenda policies by essentially joining another party within unethical practices and avoiding support of policies it made claims to want to enforce. A mirroring of diminishing Green Parties worldwide. I believe your country has a fairly more vibrant socialist party than we have in the US. I know WSWS speaks of your country often. It baffles me why your citizenship doesn't more highly support and fund it! It's the only essential means to combat the ruling class agendas.

What million immigrants is your country expecting to be receiving?

America first didn't work out so well under Trump, did it? America first would have been an essential reasoning to shut down our country when covid struck and we have very few cases. Following China's example. But what we got was corporations first which lead to over a million dead and growing. Wiping out main street businesses. I could go on and on about America first. "Australia first" type policies are rhetoric catch phases just as America first was to manipulate his fascist supporters into thinking they had a prophet to follow. A lot of them ended up following him to large fines, some jail time, longer time in prisons. While he and his cronies behind him fraudulently milked those crazy enough to put their money into him. Western policies are full of catch phases of deception. Essentially all terminology within the political arena are falsehoods. They're used towards a means to satisfy citizens because they know it's what the citizens want to hear. And it generally works.

@William_Mary Link to migration plans. 700,000 is almost a million 😉 Remember we are only a country of some 27??? million, whatever it is now. So this number represents a goodly increase percentage wise. []

Interesting you mention "5 eyes" as I have been wondering what the go with Sth Africa is. Part of 5 eyes, they are very involved in BRICS ie the "S" in BRICS which to me seems they have a foot in opposing camps. I suspect they were accepted in 5 eyes originally when apartheid was in full swing as 5 eyes for me represents the epitome of white privilege/ supremacy in world affairs. I also suspect they are no-longer privy to 5 eye intelligence as they have jumped ship to BRICS. The old "5 eyes" should therefore be called "4 eyes" which is much more appropriate as they seem very short sighted with coke bottle bottom type thick glasses.
I do read fb posts, tend to agree and was just after a bit of confirmation bias of how I view things as well from an outsider ie non-Australian.
Thanks for taking the time to respond, appreciated.

@puff Australia has a rather wide range of interest to others for escaping their problems at home. In other words, it's enticing towards a new change of life. For example, you have quite a large Asian population don't you, for such a small, populated region? Highly advertised as such with nice beaches, affordable type upscale living, and scenic traveling. It projects all the lure for people to seek for a vacation spot and or to live. I recently read you unfortunately also have a growing Ukrainian fascist movement taking place. Attempting to interfere in the politics of the country. How many people from Ukraine has your country taken in over the past year?

While I'm sure Five Eyes are quite active in South Africa, SF isn't actually a part of the conglomerate of 5. [] I had to search that one out and really no hits of any place in Africa stand out. As you point out, along with much of Africa, the continent is currently celebrating the departure of its past history of colonialism. Much of it turning towards China and Russia as trading partners while abandoning the US and European countries problematic relationships which feed terrorism within. They've been getting nothing while their resources have been taken and chaos breeds everywhere. Poverty and hunger keeps growing and infrastructure further diminishes. While Russia and China offer solutions to each of these poor conditions without interference in governing.

Sudan is the latest country suffering from the poor politics of US involvement. Another country, I forget off the top of my head, last month were working on forcing France out of the region for inciting terrorist groups and neglecting to provide any resemblance of genuine policies for help. I watch RT news daily at least once. And they always have segments of news on the African front. If you want a realistic view of what's happening in Africa I suggest watching RT International News. I usually catch the night version before going to bed. Which is morning in Russia.

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