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Deaf, but Not Blind to US Decline

In Fiona Hill’s recent speech it’s possible to detect the very faint signals of Washington’s policy elite responding to the immense global power shift that is underway.

I count the advance among non–Western nations toward what we now call a new world order the single most momentous development of our time.

This turn in history’s wheel will define our century, it is not too much to say. But to listen to the speeches, pronouncements and offhand remarks of the power and policy cliques in Washington you would think there is no such elephant in the room.

And so, I ask: Can I be the only one to wonder whether those shaping and conducting American foreign policy are blind to this immense global shift, or deaf to what the non–West lately has to say to the West, or too stupid to understand events, or in denial, or maybe some of all four?

Blind, deaf, stupid, in gutless denial, this last a subset of stupid: Each of these explanations has its temptations as we assess the cognitive capacities of the elites who sequester themselves inside the Washington Beltway.

But it has been awfully hard to settle with certainty on the cause of our policy people’s apparent inability or refusal to acknowledge that world history has entered a period of epochal change.

At last an answer to this perplexing question, or a useful suggestion of one. Blind or stupid are not the explanations we are looking for. Deafness and denial are.


{By way of background, Hill is one of those revolving-door people who float on the froth of academic and think tank salaries when not in government. A Russianist by training, she was an intelligence analyst for the Bush II and Obama administrations.}

These people, like Hill, serve within the various think tanks delivering their controlling world view ideology that also dictate government agendas for the benefit of the international ruling elite. They revolve from their roles in these think tanks to positions in governments worldwide and then back to the think tank where the real money is at after they've accomplished their goals in negatively manipulating a society.

Maia Sandu who is the president of Moldova, former prime minister, also a Russianist, also has ties to the Soros think tank. Also a previous World Bank official which helps to destroy the economies of countries forced into western backing. She has lead a Russian cancel culture campaign within the country as the country has fallen into economic strife and suppressed its democracy. On manufactured accusations in which the prosecutor Alexander Stoyanoglo declined to investigate the case, citing a lack of evidence, Russian friendly Igor Dodon was arrested during his attempt to reclaim the presidency. A large exodus from the country heading to Russia has been a result as strife fills the country.

These revolving tactics are not unfamiliar with US administrations. They happen within every aspect of our governance. We have no democracy. The military complex take a majority of our taxes---it needs wars, and they continuously get them. Our military brass sit on the boards of these companies raking in the money while they produce war speak on our MSCMs. Wall Street bankers need our taxes---they infiltrate each of our administrations as economic advisers---with each economic hardship they get more of our taxes. Then they go back to where they make millions with large bonuses for wrecking another decade. You have the fraudulent actions of infrastructure projects, local, state, and national where the crony companies make off with over paid projects milking us more. As this debt ceiling escapade goes on, the spending that should be cut will not be, our programs will which will create more poverty and hardships for an already growing, struggling, citizenship. Another round of austerity measures that has been staunchly increasing since the Obama administration.

There is no democracy in the US, nor are we spreading it anywhere! Suppressed from the beginning, diminished as much as possible globally. Always an opposition to the ruling class. And they own our representation and MSMs. The world is their club, and we're all merely servants working in the club.

William_Mary 8 May 31
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