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Meet the Trump Fan Accused of Registering Democrats as Republicans


{Florida court records suggest her life has been checkered by both financial and legal problems, including a 2003 charge of unemployment compensation fraud, which resulted in probation, and a 2014 arrest for stealing donations from the Salvation Army. That charge was dropped after she entered a pretrial diversion program.}

I'm always bewildered by people like this who support a failed system while milking it, now add the thinking that they can make it better by corrupting it.

Quite frankly, this entire primary cycle seems to be totally out of sorts. I'm waiting for the bomb to drop on how this was totally rigged out of the ass.

William_Mary 8 Mar 12
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This is a common ploy (one party member running as the other). For 10 years we had a county council member from a conservative area who ran as a republican. He is the local father of land management which goes against the grain of most property rights conservatives. He learned how to play the system. Finally, someone found out and ran against him.
However, this is not the same as someone registering others as belonging in another party. It seems there are those who feel all government officials are corrupt and the only way to win is to out-corrupt the other side.

JackPedigo Level 9 Mar 13, 2020

This mindset is pervasive and is reflected in bias and prejudice thru out America; not just in politics. With shortages coming on due to the pandemic it will get worse and it will be ugly. 😟

Shortages created by a panicked public. The speculative stock market dropping is also panic. My brother lost $12,000 already in his retirement funds just for something that's roughly equivalent to the flu and that will subside. Imagine how much less crazy it would be if people just didn't panic with negative speculation. With every "crisis", people act like the world is ending, and they actually are the ones creating the crisis. This will not be permanent. Permanence is the only reason to panic and take such precautions. People are causing shortages of toilet paper for shit sake.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Check out this story. []. A couple of guys drove with purpose and bought up all supplies to turn around and try to sell on Amazon. COVID-19 is NOT equivalent to the flu, NO vacines no antivrals available seem to work on it. I 'spect we'll see only the very best humanity has to offer.

@silverotter11 I said it's ROUGHLY equivalent to the flu. There are obvious differences. Look at H1N1 and all the panic with that. It lasted for 2 years in America with about 60m cases and 12,000 deaths. The flu kills between like 20,000 to 45,000 a year. Mostly older people, just like Coronavirus. Coronavirus supposedly has a higher death rate, but I doubt it's going to be as bad as people say. I obviously could be wrong, but I doubt it. Every time something like this happens people go crazy and think it's the end of the world. It should be taken seriously, but it's always overblown. By the way, Cuba has supposedly come up with an antiviral for Coronavirus. They're sharing it with China, Italy, and Venezuela supposedly.


They already have the 8.4% discrepancy in Massachussetts exit polls. That's more than DOUBLE the margin of error. They still have to count like 6% of California votes, 11% of Colorado votes, and some states still have 20-30% of the vote to be counted. These are from over a week ago.


She does not seem to gain from this except for the satisfaction of signing up members. Do they pay? Though very small I have to pay a party membership fee. I do wonder how she has gained from the republican party. What stops a republican member voting democrat or vice versa?

To her the gain is they lose their vote. In our primary you can only vote within the party you're registered in. Switching them to the democratic party or registering a new voter to the republican party against that voters wishes denies them that vote. If she had insight on the voters choice somehow she could have been working on denying a certain candidate a vote. Youth and or Latino going for Sanders for example. Discussions while picking out the paperwork. Simply ease dropping while voters were mingling. T-shirts. The current perception management right now being Trump beats Biden.

{Switching them to the democratic party}

I meant switching them to the republican party.

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