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So what news sources do you use? I like a variety of both left and right wing sources, and of different levels of complexity.

I use the BBC and Al Jazeera for global news, the Guardian for a safe lefty position. TeleSur for specifically South American but also for a socialist analysis of news. The Economist and The Christian Science Monitor for a slightly more conservative economic and social position (don't be put off by the Christian Science Monitor, they have very legitimate journalism and are one of the best USA journalism providers) and I'll idly look at Fox for when I want to see how the other half lives.

anti-reason 3 Apr 9
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My initial post when I started the group has most of my favorite new sources. []

BBC is alright, but it leans real hard on the left agenda propaganda, much like NPR. I'm a local truck driver for a living and listen to NPR each weekday all day long. I use it to keep my bullshit tuner calibrated. I have a run down in South East Ohio where I have to switch to a BBC station. Same people doing the morning news as NPR. Hourly shows are different but tow the same left agenda propaganda. Don't get me totally wrong. There is some good content but you have to work to filter out the bullshit, especially when it comes to the news. Al Jazeera use to be really good. I think they got bought out. Guardian is a few steps behind one I like, Common Dreams. Some of the writers on CD tend to tow the left agenda. The thing I like about CD is that on their website the members produce about the most intelligent comments section I've ever seen. I've been following CD for several years and they aren't afraid to call out the propaganda writers. Unfortunately though, since its introduction to facehack it gets some right wings trolls that have even brought that down a notch. I really believe one has to take time to read comments to fully help understand a article at times. I learn a lot in the comments at the best sources. Some people can add another aspect to an article via other links. I use to do the right wing sites, but the last election cycle had me leave them all. Just to get a view of mindset. The idiocy, the hate, the name calling, racism, the inability to mange to get a decent debate without all of that was so horrible I flipped that shit the bird and never turned back. BTW, Abby Martin rules! She's doing most of her work on teleSUR presently. When you first come into the group you can see the #'s

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Posted by William_MaryI got a laugh out of this one. How ironic!

Posted by William_MaryThere's a lot of ass covering going on in the MSCM today.

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