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6 good ways to use raw honey.

By Sheannutt9
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The sinus and sore throat remedies seem similar. I have used the honey/vinegar formula for digestion. Here we have an apiest who makes local raw honey and sells it for $20 a quart.
I discovered another natural remedy for allergies which is: Natural Harvest, freeze dried Nettle pills.

JackPedigo Level 8 July 27, 2018

I eat raw local honey almost every day, it helps control my allergies. I've been off all allergy meds since I started, and I was on allergy meds year round for about 25 years.

HippieChick58 Level 9 July 26, 2018

Yes it really does help with allergies.

Wow. That is awesome. I have allergies to outside plants, etc. Good to know.


great I love home remedies.

AntaresRose Level 8 July 26, 2018

So do I?