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Every time I'm at a BBQ and I smell the chops and sausages cooking, my mouth starts to water. I've often wondered if Vegans get the same sensation when they mow the lawn 🙂

billy11 5 July 27
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I like fruits and veges, but I have no perception of flesh like human burning or cooking the way we do in the kitchen. For me theyre food with no beliefs or any religious backbone on it and began to dislike it


I've often wondered if its easier to troll without a profile pic and a bio.

CaroleKay Level 8 July 29, 2018

I didn't care to know that, buh bye billy. 😀

@CaroleKay LMAO

@billy11 Well Hello Billy. Nice to meet you.


These lower cravings all disappear when you finally turn vegetarian.

ronmon Level 3 July 28, 2018

The t

entranger Level 5 July 28, 2018

These days the small of cioki thing meat makes me nauseous. Not from any ethical reason I think but just because meat is just too rich for my taste now.
I really thought the thi

entranger Level 5 July 28, 2018

The bacon thing is a myth . Meat just reminds me or greed!


Cows are vegans but human vegans are not cows.


Don't be ridiculous


I have been a vegetarian so long that meat cooking smells like what it is, burning flesh. It could be non-human or human.

JackPedigo Level 9 July 27, 2018

I agree. I don't care to smell it either. Smells of death.

@confidentrealm Some living and sentient being had to die. I think our brains must differentiate between when it is for food and when not.

@billy11 Sorry, I have heard that one too many times to count. Remember we also have appendages we no longer need and we also have a brain that lets us go past what nature has given us. And, in fact we do have teeth for chewing instead of ripping and tearing like a cat's or sharks. Dogs can also be vegetarians and I have met owners who have dogs that are just that which has improved their lives.

@billy11 I could ask my dentist but, wait, she is a vegetarian. Why are you here? This is a site for people who are vegetarian and understand the importance of this lifestyle. If one doesn't like what is being said they have the freedom to leave or, better yet, not join in the first place.

@billy11 Bully for you. Disagreements should be about evidence and facts and since these are absent I can only laugh at these "disagreements".


Grass just doesn't taste as good as tomatoes, or cucumbers.

@847zgp7 but it doesn't grow in my yard

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