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I love my eggs, how many vegetarians do?

Sheannutt 9 Aug 30
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real vegans do not eat eggs.


I used to. I could get fresh eggs from a neighbor that were great. I even learned how to boil the perfect egg. Unfortunately, a blood test showed I was having an asymptomatic reaction to them. So is life, sometimes.

JackPedigo Level 9 Aug 30, 2018

I am most likely to eat eggs on the weekends when I take a bit more time with breakfast. During the week breakfasts are prepared ahead of time and in the fridge. I frequently will scramble and egg with onions and garlic, maybe cheese and have it with toast and salsa. Or get weird and add other stuff. Pesto sauce is good with eggs.


I miss them. Especially the deviled ones at pot luck

unless deviled eggs are made with a special oil, vegans won't eat them.


I am trying to stick to a whole foods plant based diet, so no eggs. But it is hard.

GreatNani Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

Plant based, you must have read my posting.

@JackPedigo I didn't! Are you plant based?

@GreatNani My posting, today, was about the change in terminology from vegetarian/vegan to plant based.

@JackPedigo I will look for it. It is hard for people to see the difference between the two.

@GreatNani Most Vegans I know use egg substitutes. They taste good. Someone told me that if a real egg is allowed to grow, it will become a chick. I don't know though.

@BettyColeman Most eggs sold are unfertilized and cannot develop into chicks.

@misternatureboy Still a vegan that is a real vegan does not eat eggs.

@BettyColeman I know what a vegan is.

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