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Do Lobsters Feel Pain ?


Wildgreens 7 Apr 18
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Of course they do. And crabs, and shrimp, and...every living creature.
Saying that they don't feel any pain when submerged in boiling water is just a very cheap excuse humans use to avoid feeling guilty.


Everything living feels pain.

Wildgreens Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

Of course they do. They are a living breathing creature.


Does it matter? They still lose their life.

Actually, it does matter. It is bad enough to kill another living creature. But it is even worse to inflict great suffering to that creature before he or she dies at our hands.
[BTW: I am not saying that it is always wrong to kill. I bet everyone in this Forum knows about the perils of "absolutes".]

@COGITOERGOSUM that's what I was trying to say. The bigger point is taking the life. Whether it feels pain shouldn't matter. We shouldn't take a life. Except for mosquitos. And certain parasites. And ticks. And that bug that was biting my neck the other day.

So, other(!) animals eat animals. Humans would not have evolved to our present state if our distant ancestors had not begun eating other animals. Even so, I wish we could eat meat without killing animals. Don't laugh! I believe that will be possible in future. Scientists just have to figure out how to culture & grow good "meat" products --- they're already doing it - albeit with very limited success.

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