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Gelatin before

Wildgreens 8 Dec 2
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When I worked for a public accounting firm the newby auditors had to go to a rendering plant client. This was one place everyone hated to visit. I was the firms records manager and didn't do the boring accounting stuff but heard lots of stories especially about this place.
There are plant based substitutes for gelatin and one I use is called Agar Agar.

In the 21st century of today there is virtually no food that needs animals that can't substituted by plants.

You are completely right. I posted this because others might not be aware about where gelatin comes from.



I know. 🤮


Boiled sweets are better. Pectin is good, but gelatine is pretty much a waste product I guess. I learnt not to eat it during the mad cow disease happenings of the noughties 🙁




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