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Sexual Deviants

This is not a porn swap or something so shallow— this is a group for those of us that love sex in all kinds of crazy shapes, sizes, and forms to swap stories, laugh, and ...
Topics: Creativity, Humor, Relationships / Dating, Sexuality / Gender, Society / Culture
1,150 members, 2,112 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Music Fans

This is a group dedicated to music lovers. Post your favorite songs here. Please post songs with the name or the artist and the song title. It helps when people are browsing ...
Topics: Music
878 members, 15,902 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Memes R Us

A place to post memes. Bad taste is encouraged, but not mandatory. No porn!
Topics: Animals / Pets, Art, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Creativity, Debate / Argument
866 members, 31,678 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Trump Pinata

This is a group for those who are not a fan of Trump nor his policies. We have a 5 post/day limit in this group so if you want to post lots of photos, we suggest combining them ...
Topics: News, Politics / Political Ideology, Society / Culture
679 members, 4,728 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Introverts Unite!

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.
Topics: Happiness / Self Improvement
644 members, 370 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Real Intimacy

A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.
Topics: Relationships / Dating, Happiness / Self Improvement
487 members, 188 posts, Last activity: Dec 12, 2018

Newbie Groupies!

A group for brand new members of the site to get their feet wet, ask questions, and post about their likes and dislikes. To joke, be serious, and just play around on the site.
Topics: Hobbies /Interests, Humor, Relationships / Dating, Society / Culture, Technology
483 members, 184 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Movie Lovers

A group for those of us who love to watch movies. Please feel free to use the group forum as a place to discuss movies. The movie nights are meant to be a shared experience that ...
Topics: Film / Movies / TV
435 members, 563 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Feline Fanatics

A place to discuss anything about cats, whether our own, or just cool stuff that we come across.
Topics: Animals / Pets
400 members, 2,092 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

handcrafters , fine artists, photographers, or other things of beauty

Anybody that is creative with their hands and makes things from scratch, anything.This includes thread or fiber art, spinning weaving knitting crochet felt etc. I hope I don't have...
Topics: Art, Creativity, Hobbies /Interests, Other
395 members, 865 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018


A group for the discussion of the written word. Though we'd like to see folks active in the industry, you need not be published or working in the industry to join in and ideally ...
Topics: Books / Writing / Poetry
394 members, 997 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018


A place for non-heterosexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and their allies to discuss religious and non-religious aspects of being non-cishetero.
Topics: Activism, Sexuality / Gender, Society / Culture
382 members, 304 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Progressives and Socialists

Take skepticism to the next level. Question our political and economic orthodoxy! Capitalism has become more doctrinaire and destructive than religion. Look deeper: ...
Topics: Activism, Economics / Social Sciences, Environment, History, Politics / Political Ideology
354 members, 312 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Food Glorious Food

A group to share recipes, ideas, styles of cooking, and virtual dinners. Please note that you have to press the join group button to be able to contribute. Furthermore we are not ...
Topics: Creativity, Family, Drink / Food / Diet, Health, Happiness / Self Improvement
353 members, 760 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

The Offenders Group - Block This!

We offenders are here for fun. We accept insults, sarcasm, dark humor and venting. It can't be too offensive if it's in good taste! if you are sick and tired of getting blocked for...
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Debate / Argument, History, Humor, News
340 members, 1,798 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Cheesy Jokes

Jokes. Just jokes. Cheesy ones. Not so cheesy ones. Funny stuff. Poor sentence structures. Come on in, share, laugh. Disclaimer: Not responsible for soiled clothing from ...
Topics: Humor
330 members, 2,305 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018

Gardeners in 3 hours, 40 mins

People who enjoy growing their own food. Or taking care of their landscaping and gardens. Let’s try and keep politics to minimum here in this group unless it has something to do ...
Topics: Environment, Drink / Food / Diet, Hobbies /Interests
318 members, 1,212 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018

Gun Control Now in 5 hours, 40 mins

Real gun control ban assault weapons large volume magazines and safer hand guns. This is not to ban all guns, promote more training and better background checks.
Topics: Activism
296 members, 759 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

sexy classy pics in 7 hours, 40 mins

This group is for posting sexy, classy photos of men and women. Please, no crotch shots, dick pics, etc, etc. I'll post an example of what I consider acceptable...
Topics: Art, Creativity, Film / Movies / TV, Fitness, Other
292 members, 1,274 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

The Watering hole

This is a place to discuss everything, and nothing. As long as there is respect for others then no subject is taboo. But if one insults another they'll be warned. Threaten another ...
Topics: Debate / Argument, Happiness / Self Improvement
290 members, 129 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Just for Laughs

This is a group to share your joke, humorous cartoon, photo or story. Or just a place to visit if you just want to take the lighter side of things and laugh a little. We invite ...
Topics: Humor
278 members, 955 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Vegan\Vegetarian World in 5 hours, 40 mins

Kind Food and a Kind World.
Topics: Activism, Animals / Pets, Education, Environment, Drink / Food / Diet
269 members, 396 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018

Florida Freethinkers

Freethinking Florida folks from all over the state. Sharing thoughts, views and news of local, county, and this state's communities.
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Family, Relationships / Dating
244 members, 201 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

visual art

Links, articles, and photos of 2 and 3 dimensional fine art by others or yourself (but please always credit the artist, thanks).
Topics: Art, Creativity, Society / Culture
244 members, 839 posts, Last activity: Dec 6, 2018

Anthropology and Archaeology

Group for anyone interested in anthropology. Ask questions, share anthropology related news or photos. If you are an ancient astronaut theorist or believe in some kid of ...
Topics: Education, Hobbies /Interests, Humor, Science
244 members, 261 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Human Sexuality: Everything About It

This is an informational, question and answer group. Everyone is welcome, weather you are deep into a kinky lifestyle or a vanilla just looking for clarification. Please feel free ...
Topics: Creativity, Education, Health, Humor, Relationships / Dating
244 members, 66 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

50s +

Are you 50 or older? Want to chat with those who remember the world before social media. Feel free to share here.
Topics: Activism, Animals / Pets, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Books / Writing / Poetry, Career
242 members, 104 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

All Things Astronomy

Like NPR "All Things Considered" with a focus on astronomy and space topics to include... literally any object or phenomenon above Earth's atmosphere. Ok sure, we can talk about ...
Topics: Hobbies /Interests, Science, Technology
231 members, 259 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018

Out Of The Illusion

Independent news sources for the hard painful truth of what is really happening around the world the main stream media doesn't tell you.
Topics: Debate / Argument, Economics / Social Sciences, Politics / Political Ideology, Society / Culture
230 members, 1,074 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Abuse Survivors(Emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, toxic relationship)

Discussion, sharing, awareness, and support for survivors of abuse by narcissists, toxic/high conflict persons, emotional/verbal/sexual/physical abusers. Also dealing with these ...
Topics: Education, Family, Health, Relationships / Dating, Happiness / Self Improvement
230 members, 173 posts, Last activity: Dec 12, 2018

Hike, Climb, Paddle

Share your love and/or addiction to outdoor recreation with like-minded campers. Any sport, any place.
Topics: Environment, Fitness, Health, Hobbies /Interests
228 members, 191 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018

Freedom from Religion Foundation

The Freedom from Religion Foundation works as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for freethought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).
Topics: Activism, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Fan Groups, Politics / Political Ideology
221 members, 46 posts, Last activity: Dec 13, 2018

For the love of tattoos

A group for people to share tattoos they have done or received. Share experiences you've had getting your tattoo. Who's your artist?
Topics: Art, Hobbies /Interests, Society / Culture
208 members, 180 posts, Last activity: Dec 12, 2018


**FreeThinkers** is a community devoted to questioning all aspects of life and promoting the process of thinking outside the box. This community is designed to allow everyone to...
208 members, 162 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Eclectic Jams

A place to share the music you love.
Topics: Film / Movies / TV
195 members, 1,641 posts, Last activity: Dec 9, 2018

Geek's Corner

A place to discuss anime, cartoons, manga, comics, science fiction and fantasy. Post your favorites and discuss what you're currently reading or watching. Be nice and don't ...
Topics: Books / Writing / Poetry, Film / Movies / TV, Fan Groups, Games / Gaming, Hobbies /Interests
183 members, 92 posts, Last activity: Dec 12, 2018

Workout Warriors

A place to share exercise routines and experiences to improve health.
Topics: Fitness, Health
182 members, 239 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

UK Atheists & Agnostics

Agnostic.com users from the United Kingdom
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, History, Politics / Political Ideology
177 members, 124 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

Baby Boomers

Those of us seniors born in the post WWII baby boom.
Topics: History, Other, Society / Culture
170 members, 719 posts, Last activity: Dec 12, 2018

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

A place for people to talk about music sex and life
167 members, 434 posts, Last activity: Dec 14, 2018

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