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I drive by a Johovahs witness ware house/church all the time.
They have the gates locked while cars are in the lot almost as if they don't want people knocking on their door trying to sell them a religion
I was going to knock on their door and sell them on Miskatonic church of Lovecraft.

WhelpWhelp 5 June 5

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They are afraid people will break into their cars and steal all of their 'Watchtowers' from their trunks.


Mr Whelp, would you like me to knit you a jumper? You'll catch yer death with nowt on.


Preaching is a one-way street for the JWs. They used always complain that traditional clergy were remote and inaccessible. Once they became established, they behaved the same way.


BRILLIANT! Does that mean they don't trust the rest of us to leave their cars unmarked?


They are harmless misguided people living a delusion.


That is the reason why their door are locked, they saw you coming.


I got half way through your comment and was chuckling to myself.


Try the Flying Spahgetti Monster !!!

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