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Thankful to Miss America for eliminating the swimsuit competition, even if they still insist on using the word Miss (Which is a sexist surname introducing women as a though only their marital status is of primary concern. This continues to have a profound negative impact on fostering equal respect in relationships, how women view themselves, and how society views women.) Nevertheless, good progress towards realizing that we aren't cuts of meat. We are people. Thanks for noticing.

thinkwithme 7 June 6

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IMO all beauty contests, with or without swim suits, will eventually fade out of existence. There is really nothing to see, hear, or experience that is worth the time or money.


It bothers me how they call themselves a "scholarship" organization. Yes, they do hand out lots of scholarship money to young woman to help with their education. But you still have to be thin and pretty.

I read that the contest is no longer suppose to be about outward appearance


So long, Miss World, where women parade their beauty for the male world. Men, always interested in the physical side of female beauty! Women don't care how they look. They especially never cared how other women look.


This should stick it up the KKK NAZI TRUMPS ARSE


Does that mean that average looking women that have skills, intelligence and talent can now compete in the pageant? I am guessing not, because all of the contests that feed into it are still beauty pageants. If it is going to be a contest that's not about a woman's appearance, then make it a competition where appearance doesn't matter. If it's still a beauty pageant then keep it a beauty pageant. Otherwise get rid of it altogether. It's a relic of a different age, anyway.

It is suppose to no longer be about appearance as I understand. Of course beauty and appearance arent always quite the same thing


At one time our religious views were very strict towards male contact with females, the protocols described in the bible were complex and fraught with punishment for both sexes. Adding "Mrs" or "Miss" was an easy way to introduce a woman to a man so he could act in a culturally correct manner. It was good for both sexes. Change is hard. As for the swimsuit competition I ask this: should they be judged at all? What if they want to be (as they obviously do)? Is beauty or attractiveness a bad thing? How, if a woman wants a man attracted to her, does she project herself toward him? Is sexuality a bad thing if it requires a woman to project her physical attributes by wearing provocative attire? Is it wrong for a guy to project his desire? If not, how would it be acceptable for him to do this? How does a woman balance her need to be sexually attractive and still be respected for her other attributes in a manner that you judge to be acceptable? My last question, if a woman wishes to be accepted mainly on her sexuality is this ok?

The important piece in recognizing a woman's sexuality is realizing that there is a woman involved. Most of sex entertainment is marketed to men. Mostly women are the ones that have been used for prostitution and sex trafficking. Women historically in our country could be legally beaten or raped by their husband. Women are more likely to this day to be killed by an intimate partner and raped by someone they know than strangers. Women have suffered being labeled as frigid or whore. Women have been told too many times their value lies in their appearance. We are talking about how this organization awards more scholarships that any other organization to women reinforced the idea the value of women lies in their appearance. We are not talking about sex is bad or sexuality is bad or attractive is bad. We are simply talking about that women are human beings.

@thinkwithme I agree with all you just said but it doesn't answer a single question I asked. You have choices in life, you don't have to be a victim, look to the future, the me too movement brings all women together, this is a good thing. In the meantime men and women still need to interact.

@clarkatticus Pointing out facts isn't being a victim, it is having a brain. I just answered with what I was thinking about quickly, because I had a yoga class. I will look at your questions again.

"As for the swimsuit competition I ask this: should they be judged at all?" Swimsuits should be judged on how well they suit the purpose for lying about in the pool, serious swimming, etc..

"What if they want to be (as they obviously do)?" I think what you are asking is what if women want to be judged in a swimsuit contest based on their understanding of the rewards involved. Certainly, quite a bit of money and notoriety has been given to be called Miss America. The reward of going all over the country and serving as a picture of the ideal woman. Of course, the ideal women isn't really a picture. All of the history and current statistics and societal occurrences that I referred to in my previous answer are part of the reason why I think it is good that we get away from looking at women as body parts and seeing them as whole people. I appreciate Miss America's decision and can see clearly the good in what they decided. That's all I have to say in response to that right now.

"Is beauty or attractiveness a bad thing?" No. I think there are countless perceptions of beauty. I think we all enjoy mutual attraction, also for countless reasons.

"How, if a woman wants a man attracted to her, does she project herself toward him?" Catapults are not safe.

"Is sexuality a bad thing if it requires a woman to project her physical attributes by wearing provocative attire?" Sexuality does not require a certain garment.

"Is it wrong for a guy to project his desire?" How is he projecting what desire and under what circumstances? Catapults are still not safe.

"How does a woman balance her need to be sexually attractive and still be respected for her other attributes in a manner that you judge to be acceptable?" I can only speak for me and as I am responding to you. I do not have a need to discuss my sexual desires at the moment. I will tell you that they are not in conflict with my self respect.

Your last question is "My last question, if a woman wishes to be accepted mainly on her sexuality is this ok?" To clarify, you are asking me if a theoretical women mainly wants to be accepted as 1. having a sexual character 2. having sexual body parts 3. and having sex and if that is ok. Is that correct? Sexuality intertwines with our thoughts and emotions, perceptions and experiences. We are a complete package.

@thinkwithme still not answered, I'm sure your catapult quip brought gales of laughter to all those around you. Here's what I'm getting at; women are not necessarily being objectified when they voluntarily wear provocative clothing, especially when they want to attract a certain kind of man. For instance, Sofia Vergara is at best an average actress yet she is the highest paid woman on TV. Despite being attracted to her I also respect her journey to stardom. My issue with your observations is you put your perceptions as a moral high ground when maybe other women don't want to be boxed into your view. Certainly men don't want to be.

@clarkatticus I don't recall ever setting any type of restriction on clothing or giving any disrespect to women based on the clothing they choose to wear or not wear. Show me where you believe that I said that. Also, I would be careful in regards to your interpretations of provocative clothing. Just because you feel provoked by the clothing, doesn't mean that the purpose of wearing them was to provoke you. My suggestion would be to look again at what I was discussing when I made the original post and consider where the seriousness in thisdiscussion lies. If you have a question, I think it is good to try to stick with one at a time so exactly what you are asking can be made clear and we can understand each other better. You seem to be drawing quite a few assumptions without making reference to the heart of what I was posting about.


"Miss" was a sexist title to be sure. However, "MS" was supposed to apply to both married women AND single women but seems to have morphed into just a replacement for the "Miss" title for single women with most married women using "Mrs." When I point that out to young women, they seem oblivious to that fact.

Even if they recognize it as sexist, questioning the norms isn't always encouraged. When I started taking classes in college, women's studies, sociology, human sexuality, it was a tremendous relief. To hear other people's perspectives, discussing what I felt but had never been able to put into words, to actually be encouraged to discuss these issues, that is a privilege that will hopefully becomes a right for all of us.


Anything that objectifies could be considered - dating sites? Where’s the line? Who gets to draw that line? Who has the right to draw that line?

Maybe ask a Geometry teacher, they know a lot about objects and drawing lines.


This title situation drives me crazy.

I use Ms. I always have and I always will.

Sometimes, however, there are occasions whereby I'm forced to choose between miss or mrs. In effect I am being pushed into the married or unmarried pigeonhole.

If this happens with online companies I complain and take my business elsewhere. I also name and shame such companies on sites like 'everyday sexism'.

Some of the companies I've complained about and won't patronise are Paula's Choice, Bosch and Klarstein. It's no one's business if I'm married or not.


Why are Beauty Pageants even still a thing? The superficial sexual objectification of young women is ridiculous and it really need to end. We need to become more enlightened than this.

Nation's largest supplier of scholarship money to women..


Now, if they could just eliminate the entire competition...

Jnei Level 8 June 6, 2018
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